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Jul 16, 2010 08:43 AM

Anyone been to St. Lucia?

I am going in August and I'm curious if anyone has feedback on what I can easily whip-up cocktail-wise (I am staying in a place with a full kitchen). Any idea what rums are widely available and recommended? (I plan on visiting the St Lucia Distillers, which I've read some good things about). As far as cocktails go, I would think the classic daiquiri is a must, but any other recommendations? And, off topic, but has anyone had Piton beer? Thanks.

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  1. I have a Bounty Rum t-shirt from a friend with a timeshare in St. Lucia. He says that it is a reasonable mixing rum, but nothing to be savored.

    I just made a nice cocktail of 2 oz of flavorful rum, 1 oz Clement Creole Shrub, 0.75 oz Lemon, and about 1 oz of Tonic water. Good, with a strong bitter orange flavor running through it. Creole Shrub is from Martinique, of course, but I think I could happily drink it on St. Lucia.

    Eat lots of Sour Sop (sp?). It absolutely delicious.