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Jul 16, 2010 08:25 AM

Does anyone know where I can find yucca root?

I live in the Los Feliz area and I need to find it for work and am not having any luck. Any pointers are appreciated.

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  1. Have you tried ethnic markets?

    Just about any of the Chinese or Vietnamese grocery stores in the SGV carry yucca root, as do most Hispanic grocery stores. I want to say that I've seen it at Filipino markets as well, but can't be sure.

    1. I bought some at the 99 Ranch in the San Fernando Valley.

      1. i second ranch 99. that's where i get mine!

        1. figueroa produce in highland park/eagle rock is an amazing little grocery store that also happens to have yucca root.

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            Thanks for all your tips, you guys really are the best. I actually ended up finding at Jons in Glendale. I will definitely be checking out Figueroa produce in the future.

            1. re: ftk

              I saw yucca root today at Super King Market in Altadena:

              2260 N. Lincoln Avenue in Altadena