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Jul 16, 2010 07:59 AM

Columbus OH liquor stores w good selection

I hope to purchase a bottle of Fernet Branca while I'm in Columbus. Looking for liquor stores with a good selection, which will be more likely to carry this stuff. Ideally in the Grandview/Arlington area, if possible.


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  1. The liquer you refer to is pretty rare and liquor in Ohio is controlled by the state, not that good selection, prices are high compared to other states. But, you might try calling Gentile's Wine Store in Grandview or McLaren Wines in Bexley. Both these places are high end and sell a lot of wine, don't think they sell liquor, but they might know where to get it in Columbus. Hope that helps.

    1. Weiland's Market on Indianola in Clintonville has a nice liquor store, and also Huffman's Market in Tremont Center in Upper Arlington. As Diane says, the liquor is controlled by the state, so some things are pretty hard to find.

      1. Unfortunately, Gentile's and Huffman's are no-gos.

        Weiland's has potential, but is a little too out of the way for this particular errand.

        Someone's going to just check a local state store. We'll see what happens.

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          were you lucky finding Fernet Branca in Columbus OH?? I would like to by one too....

          1. re: Marce in OH

            No, I ended up bringing it all the way from Boston.