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Jul 16, 2010 06:51 AM

Driving to Mount Desert Island: Need a good dinner on Rt 1 that can accomodate our dog

Any ideas? I used to be a chef, and love Primo and Francine, but with our puppy in tow, those won't work. Not impressed by Miranda.


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    1. You need a place with outdoor tables with an entrance that doesn't interior access. Give The Boat House or Amalfi a call, both have outdoor seating. Far from fine dining or fancy fare, but if you'll settle for good fried fish in an unfussy, local fave kinda place: I stopped at Just Barb's with two 8-week-old pups, and the staff couldn't have been better. We got the order to go and ate outside at a picnic table, but a waitress came out a couple of times to check on us. Another possibility might be 3Tides in Belfast.

      Just Barb's
      24 Main St, Stockton Springs, ME 04981

      1. I'm thinking Francine's might be ok. When we were there and sat outside my wife had a cat sitting next to her the entire time, and it wasn't hers. We asked the waitress if it was the house cat and not batting an eye, said "no he lives down the street" and went about her business.