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Roberto's or Persimmon for dinner in Bristol?

Deliciousness of food trumps everything. Which is better?

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    1. Comparing Roberto's to Persimmon is an apples/oranges comparison. I have heard excellent things about Persimmon and will get there some day..... but I've got to standup for Roberto's!! Excellent Italian food in a casual setting. It is SMALL, but they do take reservations and without one you likely won't get in on a Saturday night. My husband and I have been 4-5 times and each time the food and service were top notch. It's a different vibe from persimmon, but if you want great reasonably priced delicious Italian food Robert's can not beat!

      1. Roberto's in my opinion is top notch. The pasta fagioli is excellent as well as the ceasar salad for starters. The Chicken Nina (Vodka Sauce) and San Remo (like a Parmesan) are out of this world. I prefer the Nina but the San Remo is still very good. Always have great service and a wonderful atmosphere. Make sure you call ahead for reservations on a weekend night. Enjoy!

        1. After reading many reviews , our group of 4 thought we had the wrong restaurant , the greeting was cold and barely a hello and the atmosphere was tense at best . Restaurant week seemed the perfect time to try Persimmon and the menu seemed inviting . Everyone tried a different entree with appetizer and dessert , from the cod , pork and veal . Massachusetts sea scallop , consisted of 1 tiny scallop sliced into 5 pieces . The entree of veal consisted of a miniscule , 2" square piece of veal on a plate with a strand or 2 of vegetable . In all my years of dining have never received such a meal . They assurred this was not a tasting but the complete meal . Enter at one's own risk .

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            It's usually best not to try a place during 'Restaurant Week' (which is happening a little too often now). I (and others) have found in the past that they do indeed give you 'samplings' of their dinners and try to pass it off as the real deal for a 'special price' - which it is not. Avoid at all costs.

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              Maybe that's what happened to my wife & I. After hearing so much about Persimmon, we went (unknowingly) during Restaurant Week and were thoroughly unimpressed. Not BAD food, just expensive, unremarkable food. We might give it another try, but it will be a long time. Restaurants should be trying to impress during RW, not pass off mediocre fare.

              Next time we're in Bristol, it'll probably be the Beehive.

            2. Had a great experience at Persimmon last fall. In response to my niece's request for "the plainest thing on the menu" they brought her a bowl of pasta with bolognese sauce that was not on the menu. I was visiting this week and she is still talking about it. During this visit my husband and I ate at the Hourglass Brasserie. It was only us and another couple in the restaurant on a Thursday night. The chef sent out all sorts of little items to try gratis, like a shot of fresh cuke juice/berry juice combo. My fish and his veal were both super. Lots of little dots of various flavors on my plate. The chef likes to do 'foam' and my fish was accompanied by a garlic foam that was weird but not unpleasant. The service was perfect. We would go back there as well.

              Hourglass Brasserie
              382 Thames Street, Bristol, RI 02809

              1. We ate at Persimmon 2 summers ago and were very impressed.

                31 State St Ofc 1, Bristol, RI 02809

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                  I have been to Persimmon and Champe does a great job It may be pricy but its tasty . He and his wife to a great job. I have never been to Roberto's it sounds like a nice place.

                2. ROBERTO'S would be my choice over persimmon any time . Authentic Italian food at Roberto's . Having dined once at persimmon , small servings , seemed a waste to dirty a clean plate and very very pretentious , after a costly meal walked over to Roberto's for a delicious meal . That is how small the portions were and this was a entree at Persimmon . Beware of reviews of persimmon , seem to be at least 1 to 2 years old , not the same restaurant it once was .

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                    Well All I have had was his Sous Vide Chicken which is excellent and just enough Gracies handles the right portions also. Most everywhere else its load it up. Remember Pasta is cheap

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                      Frank, I may not always agree with your opinions, but I do here. I prefer the "correct" portion over a pound of pasta. Persimmon is just right to me.

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                        Gracie's is mentioned and is now in the mix , then that is a different story , worth the ride and Persimmon would not win that race . Pasta may be cheap out of a box , but homemade pasta as my grandmother would make and there was always plenty to go around . Buon Appetito .

                        Buon Appetito
                        50 Albany Tpke, Canton, CT 06019

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                          Its not a question of cheap in restaurants its a question of profit's

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                            robertos isnt a "pound of pasta"kind of place....

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                              I think you lost the point I mentioned that PASTA is a high profit item it had nothing to do with pound of pasta but the chatting on here is funny

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                              The good restaurant's never fail to bring quality and integrity to the table . Example of this is Gracie's , finest in the state .

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                                I dont have any problem with that I love it there

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                                  frank, trying to figure out if we went there once. Heavy Victorian decor?

                      2. Wow. I have problems with both of these places. Roberto's I've been to once with 2 other people. I had a veal scallopini that was tough, dry and tasteless. The rest of the dinner, from the bread basket to the salads to the pastas were very, very disappointing. Even though people in the area rave, I can not bring myself to go there again.
                        Persimmon is something else - a joint that really feels terrific and smug about itself and only reluctantly condescends to serving you something to eat. The joy and pleasure of food? Not so much. And the space is awfully cramped and almost stifling. The meal? I have been here 3 times and my dishes have been in the range of OK but nothing special to fish and fowl dishes that were off ..... friends and family want to go b/c they've heard about it, but I would spend my luxury dinner money and time at New Rivers, Broadway Bistro - places like that in Providence. The Beehive is terrific. Don't forget Fall River for Portuguese pork and claims either.

                        Broadway Bistro
                        205 Broadway, Providence, RI 02903

                        1. Roberto's is fine - Very good food, nice atmosphere and a great staff BUT...........Have to say that Persimmon is probably one of the two or three best places I have ever been in my 60 odd years. Been there many time and have never had anything that was not way beyond expectations. Can't recomend it highly enough!