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Jul 16, 2010 05:18 AM

Food near FunSpot in NH

Weirs, NH is where I think it is. We really wanna go see the classic arcade games collection there, so we're going to make a day trip of it.

Any food recommendations (or anti-recommendations) for the immediate area?

There's a place called Smoke Shack Southern barbecue there, is it any good at all?

No big deal if there's only mediocre food. We're going for the video games, not the food. ;)

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  1. They have (had?) a place in the Mall of NH and the 'cue was pretty good.

    1. I had to check their website. Smoke Shack is growing! We go to the one in Boscawen. The cole slaw is very good , I love the mac 'n cheese, I didn't care for the corn bread because it was spicy. Our son likes to get what they call a sundae. I usually get the brisket. A dinner is a huge amount of food. I haven't had their ribs in a long time.

      The Tamarack on Rt 3 used to be The Place for lobster rolls even though they contained some langostinos. We would get the large which uses the extra long hot dog rolls. But something happened when owners changed and the flavor wasn't there any more. If you give it a try, please report back. We haven't gone there for a lobster roll in several years since the Dipsy Doodle opened in Northfield.

      When are you going? There's a Rib Fest at Gunstock in Guilford on July 24. We heard it was good but will be there for the weekend anyway for the Deep Woods Extreme 4x4 truck show and rock crawl competition on July 25.

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        When we're going is up in the air. It's just gonna be a day trip for us and we'll probably wake up on a weekend and say "Let's go to Funspot today". This coming weekend is out, though. We're going to Saratoga Springs to see Rush in concert at SPAC. :D

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          Ok, went to Smoke Shack for lunch yesterday. We shared a half rack of ribs lunch with sweet potato fries. The rack was definitely smoked, which was a huge plus (can't tell you how many places I've been to in New England that claim their ribs are smoked in a genuine smoker out back only to have them taste nothing like smoke at all). They don't come with sauce, which is also a big plus in my book. There's a sweet BBQ sauce on the table (possibly from a bottle, but who cares, it was decent). I mixed some of the hot (red) sauce they provided on the table with the sweet sauce and got a much spicier sauce for doing a bit of dipping into, but the ribs really stood up on their own. They were a little bit dry, but not badly so, and very tender. Not falling off the bones, but tender enough to pull clean off the bone with your fingers, which is how it should be. :) I was also pleased to note it was actually a half rack, not the three bones some places seem to think constitutes half a rack. There were six full-sized and meaty bones on the plate.

          The helping of sweet potato fries was generous and they were cooked properly all the way through without being soggy.

          Service was fine (it was a shore front restaurant, I don't expect a lot anyway), though there was a bit of a confusion over our drinks (at first we were going to get bottles from the cooler, but then saw there was a fountain). She didn't hear me change from two bottles to two fountains, and the price difference was 34 cents more for the fountains, but she rang us in as bottles. I asked her what the difference was (I didn't know at the time), and she clearly didn't want to have to figure out how to deal with it in the register and just said "Forget it". So we left extra in the tip jar to cover it. Our total bill was $19 something. The ribs were $14 something.

          The setting is what you'd expect in a lake-side eatery in the middle of a touristy area. :)

          For breakfast yesterday the motel we'd stayed at (Lazy E) recommended the Union Diner for which they had a 10% off coupon. So we went there. I had a "double tracks" which was two eggs, two sausage, two bacon, home fries, and two pancakes for 6.99. My husband had a meat lover and cheese omelet, also 6.99. I had some hot chocolate and he had a medium orange juice. It was a perfectly competent breakfast, though my scrambled eggs were what I'm sure was entirely "cooking school" appropriate, but I don't like them that way. They were barely scrambled, and not as cooked as I like them (so lots of streaky whites and on the gooey side). They weren't -bad-, I mean, they weren't far off from how I usually eat my over easy eggs (I tend to chop them up into a puddly mess then eat them by scooping the mess up onto toast). I just like my scrambled to be -very- scrambled and cooked a lot harder than most people like their scramble, I think. :) Still, it was a perfectly good breakfast and exactly what I'd expect from a local diner. The staff were friendly and it was decorated with records and posters (they had a Woodstock poster, possibly a reproduction) on the wall. :)

        2. For dinner Sunday night we were running out of options, so we ended up at Shibley on the Shore (I think it's called) in Alton. I had this wacky way busy salad (a garden salad turned into a Babin, whatever that is, never heard of it), and some corn chowder. The chowder was nice and the salad, while a bit difficult to eat because of the plate being a bit too small for the contents, was fresh and tasty. My husband had a bleu cheese burger and waffle fries. The fries were competent, and the burger had a blop of bleu cheese in the middle, which resulted in a bit of an explosion upon impact with his teeth. He said it was good, but he'd have preferred the bleu cheese were worked throughout the meat, instead of all stuffed into the center as a trap (the menu did specify it was in the center, so it wasn't a total surprise). If the cheese had been worked through the meat a little more, some would have oozed out on cooking, but the cheese-meat ratio in each bite would have been better.

          We spent around $20 there for dinner. It was a nice location right on the lake, the bar was boisterous and loud, and we overheard conversations about Sarah Palin (most people not liking her), and the service was a bit spotty but it was pretty late and he looked a bit tired. We probably wouldn't go back if we were in the area again but just 'cos we found a lot other options all around the lake and we like going to different places rather than the same ones every time. :)