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Jul 16, 2010 04:39 AM

Seeking Dulce de Leche in NH

Does anyone know a good Latin market that sells dulce de leche in New Hampshire? (preferably Argentinian)

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    1. Sorry, If you can not find it it is easy to make. There are also versions that start with condensed milk or Goat milk.

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      1. re: chefj

        Thanks for the reply. I've made it before with condensed milk, but it's not for personal use. If you knew the amount of this stuff I go through in a week, you'd understand I'd never have the time to prep it out.

      2. I just found a can of this in my cupboard after reading your post, not even sure why I have it.

        It is from Nestle, and I'm sure I must have bought it at either Shaw's or Market Basket in Nashua or Merrimack.

        I have no idea if it is even close to what it should be as I don't recall ever having it anywhere, hence not sure why I have it, although I do like caramel.

        I'd gladly open it and see what is in the can. It does say it is a product of Mexico.

        I just tried to find more info on the Nestle website, but I couldn't, as I probably din't put in the correct search info.

        Next time I'm at either I'll see if I find it again, and let you know. I was at MB today, but wasn't thinking to check it out, sorry. Hope this helps somewhat.

        1. Hi Bewley - Butter's in Concord has La Salamandra brand dulce - you might drive yourself into the poorhouse though!

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            Thank you hummingbird. Yes, I see Nestle now makes a squeeze bottle Dulce that may be easier to locate.

            And thank you wongadon, but you're right, La Salamandra is too boutiquey and high priced (tastes pretty good though).

          2. I just returned from NH. It looked like there are a lot of Latino markets in Manchvegas and Nashua. I don't know if they carry what your looking for but I would think that they carry it.
            You could also search for a Latino food distributor and see if they could hook you up with a quantity.

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            1. re: chefj

              Yes, probably the best idea yet. Thanks!