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Jul 16, 2010 04:22 AM

Cheese Lovers Dream

I just bought Asiago Cheese from Costco from Italy. Oh my, The fresh is decadent. Creamy and really flavourful in a wholesome way. I tasted the aged Asiago "Malga Lambara" and it was like a fine wine. Wonderful on the palate, nutty and then continues on all around your tongue. Since when did Costco have something other than the usual 27 cheddars??

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  1. That's good to know. I've bought Parmesan there but never thought to buy Asiago. Just thought it would be mediocre. Never know what their buyers will come up with.

    Bought some bacon there last year and it was better than the Newski's bacon that I brought back from Wisconsin. Next time I went they didn't have it.

    T o be fair though I don't shop there that often anymore because it just takes too damn long to get in and out of there. The main reason I go there is for ribeyes.

    I also noticed that they started carrying skirt steak but it was really tough.

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      They have some excellent cheese, including Manchego, a couple of British cheeses (yes, including cheddar) and a rotating selection of others (local to the region). And they now have big bags of shredded chihuahua cheese - excellent for queso fundido.