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Jul 16, 2010 01:49 AM

Goldtouch bakeware

I've decided I should start baking more, but I'm curious about these exclusive products from Williams-Sonoma. Since we're talking about WS, they're going to be expensive but that doesn't necessarily mean the quality is better. Can somebody comment on these products, if you're happy with them? Or, did you not notice any difference?

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  1. Cook's Illustrated has included them in several rankings. They liked the square baking pan and the loaf pan for even browning and the sharp corners, but always noted that for the money, you could buy several of the supermarket-available Ekco/Baker's Secret pans which perform very nearly as well.

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      Or if it's the square edges you're after on rectangular and square pans, the Wilton ones are great, not expensive, and last forever.

    2. I have several pieces and am very happy with them. If you can afford them, I think they are worth the price. Even browning, great non-stick finish, easy clean up and nice straight edges. Of course, for less money you can find many products that will work similarly, but I really like the couple of goldtouch pans I have.