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Jul 15, 2010 09:54 PM

looking for good Saturday breakfast/brunch in the Philly 'burbs (Delco?)

Hi Philly foodies :)

I'm in the Philly burbs for a month (hailing from the SF Bay Area) and I'm hoping to pick some of your amazing foodie brains for a good place for breakfast or brunch this Saturday. I do have a rental car and am willing to drive about 15 minutes any direction from Swarthmore or Broomall, but I'm not looking to go into Philly for this particular meal (and contrary to what googlemaps says, I don't think it's possible to get into Philly in 15 min from out here). I'm just looking for someplace with tasty, reliable breakfast or brunch options that will allow two people to eat for <$40 (including tax and tip)... non-pig-based protein options [no pig casing either] are a *huge* plus for us. Re: drinks, we tend to stick to water, so an amazing mimosa or bloody mary is irrelevant for our purposes. Thanks, in advance, for your help!


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  1. we are HUGE fans of Andy's diner on Ridge Pike in Conshohocken. According to google maps it's about 15 minutes from Broomall. They offer a breakfast buffet on the weekends - which we have not yet tried... but is hugely popular. You can check out their menu on menupages for Philly.
    This location has been open since May and they're already incredibly busy, and are receiving good reviews.

    1. We were just at a lovely brunch at Generations, which is in Media. It is close to Broomall.
      There was a large variety of delicious fresh fruit, vegetables, cold fish and seafood, hot vegetables and main courses, and a rare roast beef being carved to order.
      Orders were taken for omelets, waffles, etc. There was a beautiful dessert table.
      We were guests at a party, but I looked at the website afterward and saw that the price for brunch is $19.95 per person, not including tax and tip.
      Take a look at the menu online and see what you think. It would certainly be convenient.

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        I also was gonna mention generations also (the old little inn) but the OP stated brunch on Saturday, where generations only has it on sundays i believe. great place for brunch though, highly reccomended

      2. I'm too late for the specified date, but I love the following places for breakfast in that area:
        Koffee Corner- Media
        Coffee Station- Morton
        Java Joes- Folsom
        Countryside Market- Swarthmore

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          Since you live in Cali - you will be disapointed with all of the bfast places listed in this string. There are NO GOOD bfast places in the area. Most people around here equate "good bfast" with "Diner quality food".
          The closest one to you that I can recommend that you will like is THE CLASSIC DINER in Malvern. It may be farther than you wanted to go ...Here is the link to the website:

          Please post where you have bfast- I will be curious.

        2. Nudy's Cafe in Wayne(right off of Lancaster ave across from kmart)
          Georges in Strafford
          Sam's grill in Ardmore used to have awesome potatoes

          1. Love, love, love Java Joe's in Folsom---about 5 minutes from Swarthmore. Hige selection of omelettes and specialty waffles/pancakes etc. Might find a line on Sunday morning... not fancy---just delicious!

            Countryside Market is good for breakfast, but in my opinion, much better for lunch.