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Jul 15, 2010 07:17 PM

a couple of days in August

Okay, this isn't the usual coming-to-SF-with-no-idea-about-where-to-eat post. I think we'll be there for four dinners and three lunches mid-August. Two of them are allocated to Grubstake and to Brandy Ho on Columbus, and the rest are up in the air. If this were 1990 (yes, I know this is probably before many of you became familiar with the city), we'd be going to Little City in North Beach and to China Moon (Barbara Tropp's restaurant, not the one in Moraga, probably at least twice), but both of them are gone, so there's filling in to be done. We were really unhappy with Absinthe last October, and we were unhappy with our treatment at Firefly (although the kitchen was terrific) in June 1998. What should we consider in the City this time? We'll be using public transportation, and we won't be renting a car.

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  1. Try Fang for a modern take on Chinese food (same owners as House of Nanking, but very modern, trendy setting and good food -- especially if you let them balance the meal for you). It's located south of Market on Howard near 3rd St.

    House of Nanking
    919 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA 94133

    1. Thanks, and Fang is on my list now. Firefly was 2008, I guess obviously.

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        Not so obvious...Firefly opened in '93.