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Jul 15, 2010 07:10 PM

where to buy a few pails of sour cherries?

i'd like to buy some fresh sour cherries -- i saw the buckets for sale at loblaws a couple of days ago but did not see them there today.


i'm located in the west end of toronto if that matters ... and i'd like 15 lbs maybe

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  1. I was shopping at Loblaw's in Mississauga (Heartland) yesterday and they had them by the bucketful. (Pun fully intended.)

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Metro, Longo's, Loblaws - saw tons of pails, both sweetened and non-sweetened

        1. I'm a little confused by the marketing website's statement that the cherries will be available for 6 weeks this year. Isn't the season usually only 2 weeks?

          1. Last year I got them at Superstore but I had to ask at the produce counter because there was no sign of them on shelves. JulesRules - I always find they are only around for about 2 weeks, if not even shorter amount of time.

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              Must have been an error, they have shortened the season to 3 weeks. I also get mine at the Superstore on Don Mills. Will be away at the cottage this year so hoping to get them at the Wasaga Beach Superstore.

              From the website:
              Red Tart Cherries – Chilled and Pitted - available July 17 to August 7.
              Black Sweet Cherries – Chilled and Pitted - available July 10 to August 8.