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Has anyone tried Timber?

Has anyone eaten at Timber (the old Inn Flight across from Abington Hospital)?

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  1. No, but I'm curious about it. Hopefully someone will report in soon.

    1. We were there for lunch a few days ago. Three words - eat somewhere else! TunaBurger that was 90% filler. It was really difficult to get any tuna taste. A CheeseBurger that, except for the cheese, was tasteless. The noise level is atrocious. The place is all wood, stone and glass. We had to holler to hear one another and we were sitting side-by-side, not across from each other. My final three words - never going back!

      1. The "old" Inn Flight? Was that the last one, then?

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          There was something in that space between Inn Flight and Timber, but I can't remember what it was called.

          If this place is as bad as bucksguy says, that is a real shame. I was really hoping for something at least decent to open in this area. I can't think of a single casual restaurant for dinner I like in Abington-Jenkintown-Cheltenham, except maybe La Pergola and I haven't been there in a long time. Any suggestions?

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            Tiffin in Elkins Park. Jules Thin Crust in Jenkintown. That's about it.

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              I think the in-between placed was called Wingwalker Pub. I never went there, but Inn Flight was a staple in my family for many years - my brother was even a bus boy there for a spell. I remember the famous shrimp salad, which is what we ordered every time.

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                No there are still Inn Flights in Bensalem and on 309 in Colmar that I am aware of.

              2. Timber is probably the worst restaurant I've ever been to. It's not a bad looking place but the menu is very limited and fairly expensive. My husband order a chicken caesar salad that consisted of no more than a cup of romaine and shaved slices of a half a chicken breast. Our friends and I ordered the seared tuna salad that was $15. It was a small plate of wilted, slimy, brown field greens with pieces of mushy, black avocado and a couple of old romaine cores. On the side of the plate were 5 small slices of tuna (perhaps 3 ounces). It was missing the mango and the crispy wontons that were described on the menu. Called this to the servers attention and she said she would see what she could do. I asked to see a manager. Although disinterested, she came over to the table and said something convoluted about the back of the house not knowing what the front of the house was doing. No "let us remake the salads", no "can we bring you something else". Her attitude was there's nothing I can do besides not charging you. We paid for our drinks, left the waitress a tip and left. No one apologized, no one said try us again. Bucksguy is right; EAT SOMEWHERE ELSE. The old Inn Flight was a five star restaurant compared to Timber.

                1. I agree again with Bucksguy. Timber is TERRIBLE. I've had bad meals at new restaurants and I've always given them a second chance if they appear to have potential. Timber only has potential for failure with bad management attitude combined with poorly executed food. "Simpkinsj" is obviously associated with the restaurant in some way because I've spoken with at least a dozen people who have eaten at Timber and have nothing positive to say about it. I guess my sarcasm was misunderstood by some. I certainly didn't consider Inn Flight to be a fine restaurant but Timber almost makes me miss it.

                  1. I'm not ready to pan this place. I'm pretty starved for quality or distiction in this, my neighborhood of 20 years. I've been to Timber three times, and my general reaction is that it's worth returning to, for the microbrews on tap and the grilled fish sandwich in particular. It would be nice if they figured out how to turn some pizzas out of that wood-fired oven.

                    1. I just went to Timber for lunch today. I have to say that I had low expectations (probably due to this thread now that I'm re-reading it, haha) and was pleasantly surprised. The place looks gorgeous, lots of stone walls and wood and cool light fixtures. It's very cozy. The food was really great. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich special and it was killer, probably the best pulled pork I've ever had. It came with a slaw that just made it perfect. My husband had the burger, which was also delicious and cooked perfectly medium rare. Great beer selection, good service, there was nothing we didn't like. The prices were a bit high ($11 for a buger, $12 for the pulled pork), but I thought for the atomsphere and quality it was worth it.

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                        Timber....Ate there in mid February. Everyone in my party (6 ) really enjoyed their picks...One vegetarian, 2 had pasta and shrimp platter, next to me ..a fabulous looking (2) crab cake platter (2)with cakes taht looked like all jumbo crab...I resorted to a hamburger...i was in a burger kinda mood. It was good. Oh and someone got their duck dish and enjoyed it as well...The prices were a little steep. For the same quality of food, a little cheaper, right down the street is noisy, loud Vintage Bar on Susquehanna. Timber is newly decorated but it was LOUD. Id go again, if the crowd suggested it, but I think there are better choices a little further up or down the road.