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Jul 15, 2010 05:10 PM

Uses for licorice root?

A dear young friend of my son's was given a cache of herbs and spices from a friend of his mom's while she was visiting. He's an aspiring chef, and has no idea what to do with the piece of licorice root, which threw me, too. We'd both like some ideas on how to go about cooking with licorice root. Anybody have any tips or recipes?

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  1. Make a simple syrup of it, then use that to make Licorice Ice Cream. Could also be used to flavor a hearty beef stock to be used in soup - like the Chinese do with star anise.

    1. Here's a chow ingredients link (not a discussion) about licorice:

      And a very intriguing beef stew recipe, from one of my fav blogs, Food52: