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Jul 15, 2010 04:32 PM

2010: What is Seattle's best steakhouse?


The Met?

El Gaucho?

John Howie?


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  1. My fav is Jak's. Excellent steaks for an excellent price ($30 for 20oz ribeye, salad, veg side and choice of potato). Excellent. The only two downsides are: 1. no rezzies, and 2. I hate how the fans make a strobe effect with the lights at the Laurelhurst location (some seats are worse than others).

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    1. re: akq

      Jak's serves steaks, but I wouldn't consider it a "steakhouse". The Earl started us out with some examples of steakhouses that lead me to picture a certain expectation of service and atmosphere. Like Morton's. Let's throw that one in.

      1. re: lbsowen

        Yeah, I'm looking for a clubby, old-school kind of joint. Jak's ain't it.

        I had good sides and a lousy steak at Gaucho, and I had good steak and lousy sides at the Met. Ain't been to Daniel's or Howie. Hoping to go local rather than chain (Morton's, Ruth's Chris, Cap Grille).

        Appreciate everyone's thoughts. Thanks.

        1. re: Earl of Sandwich

          Yes, Jak's can be good for what it is, but an old fashioned steakhouse is not it.

          We generally find ourselves at the Met when we are looking for that kind of experience. I think the steaks and service there is generally better than at El Gaucho - although I can see why you might think some of the sides at the Met could be improved. However, their French Onion soup is pretty good and my husband likes their Cesar salad. The veggies tend to be a little on the el dente side for my taste. We generally stick to the potatoes. The potato pancakes are usually good there and overall it has had the best meat in our opinion.

          I am not a huge fan of Daniel's. There is nothing wrong with it per se. It is just not anything special for the price. John Howie is on our list of places to try. It is just annoying to get over to Bellevue. I would put the Met up top of the local places.

          1. re: Earl of Sandwich

            Umm. Ok. That's not what your post asked, but here goes:

            Almost every place listed on this thread is a chain...
            I've been disappointed with the food at the Gauche - steaks and sides are disappointing at that price point. No creamed spinach on the menu, but last time we ate there they insisted on making it for us...but it was the most disappointing creamed spinach I've ever had!

            The Cap Grille is ok, but also not "clubby" to me. I've had nice food, there, though. Not a fan of Morton's - disappointing experiences for the price. I enjoy Ruth's Chris, particularly private events in the wine room downtown. While we're at it, how about the Keg?

            The Met is nice, but it doesn't feel "Clubby" to me (although I do like the curtain booths), probably because the lights are too bright and I've had so many work lunches there. Their steaks are good and their creamed spinach is also very good.

            My vote is still for Jak's, whether you like it or not! :P

      2. I like El Gaucho best, followed by the Met. El Gaucho grills over charcoal, and IMO they achieve perfection. The sides are great and the ceasar is the best in the city. The prices are ridiculous, but it's a fun treat and worth the splurge. Met is also good, but not to the level of El Gaucho. I put Daniel's at a similar level on the second tier. I love JaK's and eat there all the time - I live close to the one in Laurelhurst. It's not at the level of the others mentioned. Great atmosphere and nice bargain. The food is solid, but not close to spectacular. Haven't tried CG yet.

        1. No one's responded on John Howie yet, so I will. I wasn't impressed. Had arguably the most disappointing prime rib ever there. Sides were good, but not great. Service was excellent. Lighting was odd (mixed of warm and cool light) and was surprisingly annoying. Also, probably a bit too brightly lit overall to be clubby. I like El Gaucho for that kick-back/semi-anonymous dining. I think they layout helps to achieve that semi-privacy that the Met, John Howie and Daniels don't.