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Jul 15, 2010 04:03 PM

Help! I have 15 minutes to come up with a good restaurant for salad,

If I can't come up with an alternative in the next 15 minutes, I'm going to have to eat at New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood AGAIN.

My husband likes to eat salads for dinner 4 or 5 times a week. When we decide to go out for dinner, he defaults to New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood.

I am relatively new to the New Orleans area and don't know my options.

I will scream if I have to go to NO Hamburger & Seafood again.

Please...we are leaving for dinner in 15 minutes and I need some good alternatives. He prefers big dinner-sized salads in the Metairie area.

All I can think of are Zea's and Houston's and both of them are likely to have an unacceptable wait.


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  1. well...we are leaving to go eat now. If anyone hears screams coming from the Metairie area, it will be me.

    Anyway, I'm still open for recommendations...

    Otherwise, I'm apt to be back at New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood again over the weekend.

    Please help me. :-)

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    1. re: txgirl

      This would be a useful link for the future. It lists of a ton of restaurants in Metairie (and most of the nola metro area), some with reviews:

      1. re: txgirl

        How about a taco salad at Taqueria San Miguel just off of Severn? Whole Foods, also on Severn, has a fairly nice salad bar that's loads better than food-service salad from NO Hamburger & Seafood. Hell, La Madeline's decent salads (again with the Severn locations!) are worth a visit over NO H&S. Phil's Grill has several meal-sized salads on the menu, including a buffalo chicken salad & a seared tuna salad.

        Larb (beef or chicken salad) at Siamese Thai on Vets, a bowl of bun from Pho Bang (Vets again, and though it's technically a bowl of cool noodles, it does have enough foliage in it to count as salad-like), the cabbage & chicken salad (goi ga) at Pho Orchid (on Houma, near Clearview Mall)...and Sandro's Trattoria (in the same strip mall as Siamese & the Tiffin Inn across Vets from the entrance to Lafreniere Park) has a roasted chicken & walnut salad.

        Sandro's Trattoria
        6601 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie, LA 70003

        Phil's Grill
        3020 Severn Ave, Metairie, LA 70002

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          Pho Nola should also be on the Metairie Vietnamese list.

      2. Drago's @ 3232 North Arnoult Rd., Metairie, LA. 504 - 888 - 9254.

        Don's Seafood Hut Restaurant @ 4801 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA 504 - 889 - 1550.

        Deanie's Seafood @ 1713 Lake Ave., Metairie, LA 504 - 831 - 4141.

        Menu at Deanie's for Salads.............

        House Salad Tender mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, and cheddar cheese, topped with your choice of dressing. 3.95
        Bucktown "Blues" Salad A bed of romaine leaves garnished with spiced pecans and crumbled Danish Blue Cheese, topped with our special sweet fig and Balsamic Vinaigrette. 7.95
        Creole Spinach Salad Golden fried oysters, crumbled bacon, egg and sliced red onion on fresh spinach leaves, topped with our own Creole Honey Mustard dressing. 9.95
        Bayou Seafood Salad Fresh lump crabmeat and boiled shrimp top tender mixed greens, tomato, cucumber and cheese to create the beat seafood salad in town. With your choice of dressings. 15.95
        *Add Chicken Breast 3.00
        *Add Shrimp 6.00
        House Dressings Sicilian Tomato, Blue Cheese, Artichoke, Buttermilk, Sweet Fig & Balsamic Vinaigrette and Creole Honey Mustard.

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        1. re: Littleman

          Thanks everybody for responding. Time to broaden my husband's horizons and restore my culinary sanity! :-) Looking forward to checking your recommendations out.

          1. re: txgirl

            Try Martin's Wine Cellar on Vets and Elmeer. They have lots of salads, sandwiches, prepared foods and usually some specials. It's casual and they are not open very late, but it's pretty good food for a weeknight salad dinner. They also have a pretty good wine selection and some gourmet foods if you feel like doing a little grocery shopping afterward.

            1. re: latasche

              That is a great idea...all I could think of for variety were the seafood salads that all the established places have. ( That old Jaeger's crab salad was to die for.)

        2. I recently discovered a place with really good salads -- Caffe Caffe on Clearview near West Esplanade. They apparently also have a new location near Lakeside Mall.

          I also like a salad for dinner fairly often. Some of the places I've gone in my salad days are:

          Il Posto - the salad with tuna is very good and very light
          Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro - Surprisingly, the salads are pretty good
          Superior Grill - Superior salad has steak or chicken
          Reginelli's - the chicken salad (with blue cheese, pecans, green apple, chicken and balsamic vinaigrette) is killer

          Superior Grill
          3636 Saint Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70115

          Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro
          4517 Veterans Blvd., Matairie, LA 70006

          Il Posto Cafe
          4607 Dryades St, New Orleans, LA 70115

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          1. re: Shiloh

            I'm hooked on Il Posto's tuna salad, as well as the tuna & white bean sandwich. At $9, it's way big enough to share.

            Il Posto Cafe
            4607 Dryades St, New Orleans, LA 70115

          2. Rivershack Tavern on River Rd and Shrewsbury, just west of Causeway.

            Rivershack Tavern
            3449 River Rd, Jefferson, LA

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            1. re: edible complex

              That is also a great idea--I always forget about them except when I'm right in the neighborhood. I start thinking about the original Ruffin Bros place that the Causeway took (before my time) and that leads to College Inn and that makes me--for some reason--think of Rivershack. I'd like to go right now but am leaving town for a few weeks and have mucht o do.

              1. re: hazelhurst

                I've been receiving their daily specials updates from their Fb page, and they are doing some incredible lunches. but get there early, as they usually sell out fast.

                1. re: edible complex

                  AWESOME rec, and even better news that they are FINALLY posting their lunch specials online - getting through on the phone has heretofore been the bane of my lunch hour!

            2. Roly Poly's isn't gourmet, but they've got a lot of interesting wraps, a good few of them with lots of veggies.
              each entry for "sandwiches" brings up a number of choices.
              Oh - they have salad salads, too.

              Instead of a salad, what about Indian vegetable entrees?
     has a link to vegetarian dishes.


              Roly Poly
              3020 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie, LA 70002