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Jul 15, 2010 03:45 PM

Wine Bar in north valley area?

Anyone know of a nice wine bar or upscale lounge/bar between Reseda/Northridge and Topanga Canyon? I'm looking to meet up with some friends and that is the chosen area. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. Not a wine bar, but Morton's and Roys both have great bars with seating.

    1. That area isn't really conducive to an upscale lounge/bar. If you can't find one in the Porter Ranch area or Northridge Fashion Square on Tampa, then you'll have to move a bit south and west to Woodland Hills. BJ's on Canoga might fit your requirements.

      1. Bleecker Street on Yolanda just west of Reseda south of Ventura....pretty nice wine choices in a cruvinet.

        1. Basically, these 3 posts give your answer. There are really none north of Victory Blvd., and even at that you have to go to Warner Center or thereabouts.
          Whole Foods is instituting wine bars in some of their stores(new Tarzana location, for example), so you might(?) at least get some to taste at their Porter Ranch location, or the usual bevmo nonsense if you are up for that.

          1. Flemings at Topanga and Victory might not be a bad choice for both wine and upscale feel, albeit a chain. If very wine centric is preferred, then Woodland Hills Wine Store's tasting bar could be an option although slightly past Topanga. Whole Foods Porter Ranch is a smaller and old store; definitely no wine tasting there.