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Jul 15, 2010 03:20 PM

Best kimchi available?

What do you recommend as the best brand of kimchi available in Austin at the Korean markets? Any K-market's in-house kimchi any good? I like cabbage and radish best.


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  1. The cucumber at Han Yang is the best in Austin, IMO. It does come in a labeled jar,. but I don't know the brand.

    The white kimchi (cabbage) at New Oriental used to be good, but I haven't been there in ages. The last time I had it they added sugar, which wasn't good, IMO. They had some other house brands that were pretty good.

    You will find excellent kimchis at both stores. Selection change. I haven't tried many of their commercial brands at Han Yang. Avoid the raw squid. I can get pretty hardcore, but that stuff has me beat.


    1. I got a nice banchan assortment, including kimchi and (fern?) stems, for $5 at "Mom's Taste", a tiny Korean store on Airport Blvd near Highland Mall. It was among the better banchan served at restaurants in town. They're in the same shopping center as China Palace, Arpeggio Grill, and a hookah lounge. []

      1. Hana Korean Market at Parmer and Metric has a good selection of Kim Chee and most reasonably priced.

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          I loved the last batch of cucumber I got from New Oriental Market just before they moved to Hana. But i think I overate because I was sick for a few days afterwards - mostly my body just recycled things too quickly. No queeyness or anything. It may have just thrown my 'flora' for a loop de loop. Usually I can eat a half gallon no problem, but this time it was a little more potent than normal :-)


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