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Jul 15, 2010 02:14 PM

Virginia Crab Shack?

My husband and I have an unexpected weekend without kids and want to re-live our youth by going to a brown paper crab shack, preferably with a view of some kind of water, within 1-2 hrs of Charlottesville. Is there any place out there? Maybe in the northern neck?

If we bump the travel range up to 3 hrs, where should we go in Va Beach or on the way to Annapolis?


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  1. To eat or spend the weekend. What's your budget. Surely you don't want to spend the weekend in a brown paper shack.

    1. Here's where you need to go and have fun. No kids, eat, drink, play and have fun. But it's not a tar paper shack. It's just over 100 miles and about 2 1/2 hours from Charlottesville. Stop in Richmond and have a great lunch at Buzz and Ned's then head to Tide's Inn.

      Tide's Inn @ 480 King Carter Drive, Irvington, VA 804 - 438 - 5000.

      Buzz and Ned's Real BBQ @ 1119 N. Blvd., Richmond, VA. 804 - 355 - 6055.

      1. Try the Crab Lady on Nine Mile Road just east of Richmond. East on I-64 through Richmond to the second Nine Mile Road exit, take a left at the first light (chevron station maybe?) and its on the left almost immediately. Probably an hour and half from C'ville. It is a shack. The folks are very nice. You can eat on the porch I guess. I have only ever seen folks wait for take out - not sure if she has hammers/crackers for the claws - but there are tables and chairs. Or just get it to go. 804-222-7655 for a recorded message of what she has and the crab prices. I have only gotten her crabs but she also has shrimp and something called "kickers." Crabs are decent size and full so far. I don't know of any other place around Richmond where you can (maybe) eat on-site. No water view - just the road

        A friend in Fredericksburg says Capt Billy's in Popes Creek (Newburg, MD on the GPS). Water view. Hushpuppies. Crabs dumped on the table. Also fried seafood and salads and sandwiches and soups. from Richmond take 95 N to the 301-N/Bowling Green/Fort AP Hill exit and stay on 301 over the river then head south. She guesses its an hour and half from Richmond.

        The Crab Lady
        2207 Gordons Ln, Richmond, VA 23223

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          Thanks - Capt Billy's sounds like what we are looking for - a little further than we'd like, but maybe we'll make it more than a day trip. Thanks for the research!

          1. re: mojoeater

            I saw that as well - we'll look at that one as well.

            1. re: cvillemel

              I saw that show at well. Went and googled the restaurant and would note that it received at best a very mixed review on Tripadvisor and other sites.

          2. If you're going to come to Virginia Beach I'd definaltey recommend Bubba's on Shore Dr near the Lesner Bridge. Somehow they always get nice big jimmies and prepare them just right. They'll serve to you in a brown paper bag with mallets, spread paper over your table and let you have at it; totally old school. They have a nice view too, with seats right on the water on the deck. You can get there easily by car or boat.