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Jul 15, 2010 01:26 PM

Sherry or white wine cake recipes?

I'm thinking about a bundt or loaf type cake that uses sherry or white wine for flavoring. All the recipes online seem to have pudding mix in them, and I'm not going there.

Any recipes people can point me to? Or hints as to how to create a new recipe? I'm a pretty confident baker.

Thank you!

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  1. Are you thinking of brushing on or anointing the cake with a sherry syrup after baking or as a flavoring in the batter? A white wine would probably get lost in the batter, unless you used a German or Austrian dessert wine. The sherry flavored sugar syrup is probably the best choice for flavoring a basic rich yellow cake, or sub sherry for citrus juice in a basic lemon or orange loaf cake.

    It seems that the web is rife with the boxed yellow cake/pudding mix sherry abomination, but I did find a few interesting hits:

    The first link is a almond flour/cream cheese cake anointed with a sherry flavored sugar syrup, the second is a almond-sherry cake that sounds very promising. The preserves, fresh fruit and whipped cream are optional, I'm sure. I'm not sure if it will adapt to being baked in a larger bundt pan, though.

    This link is a sherry soaked almond cake, baked in a tube pan, and contains almond paste to boot. The almond-sherry connection is an obvious trend:

    Hopefully one of these will work for you, or maybe other posters will post more choices or ideas.

    1. Seem to me there are a few options.

      One, start with a recipe uses a liquid for flavouring (like a lemon cake) and swap that out for the sherry/white wine - this seems to be a better choice for the wine option. If you're adding something like a raisin, soak the raisin in the wine.

      Two, do a soak. Make a dense cake and soak it in sherry, much like one would for tres leches or fruitcake - this seems more suited to the sherry since the flavour is stronger and you'd want to use less.

      At the end of the process, if you feel you want a bit more oomph, make a sherry/wine frosting. I can see how one might do a sherry frosting (I'd use a swiss meringue base, add sherry during the whip off the double boiler, and then add butter to finish), but I am clueless for a wine frosting since it's a less strong flavour than the sherry. Maybe do a glaze with wine instead?

      1. Thank you both for those suggestions--I will be following up on them.

        1. In know there's a white wine cake recipe from the Silver Palate Cookbook that I tried in cooking class once. It made delicious white cake with tender crumb. Sorry I don't have the recipe :( but if you could get a copy of the book...

          I did find a wine cupcake recipe, never tried this recipe before.

          1. I can highly recommend one recipe that uses sherry in the batter: Olive oil sherry pound cake from the book Pure Dessert, by Alice Medrich. It calls for fruity olive oil and medium sherry, and the flavors work great together. It has a terrific texture, with a fine, tight crumb, and keeps well. Can be baked in a bundt or two loaf pans.

            This link has the recipe reprinted verbatim: