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Jul 15, 2010 01:14 PM

30th Birthday Party - Private Room at a Bar

Hey everybody, I'm wondering if anybody has any suggestions for a bar in the city to throw a surprise 30th birthday party for my wife. I'm looking for somewhere that has a private room/bar and will possibly give us some type of drink special for a few hours. It is also going to be 80s themed so a nice to have would be music seperate from the main bar or an ipod hook up. Not sure if anyone out there has done something like this recently so any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks guys.

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  1. I recommend the private room at the bar Liberties in Northern Liberties. I had a private party there with drinks and nibbles. Room is on the 2nd floor and quite attractive.

    1. Not sure what your budget is but when I planned a similar event last year I wound up going with Fado. They were very flexible and were the most inexpensive option for what we wanted. The rooms are private but that privacy is courtesy of a curtain. So, while you get your own section of the bar and your own space, there is no real sound barrier to accommodate your music request. Other options that could work at Distrito which at least as of last year allowed you to rent of the private back room and possibly the Karaoke machine for a pretty inexpensive fee, or Good Dog which has an upstairs game room you can rent out.

      p.s. Fado might have some truly private "rooms" available for parties that were larger than ours...I can't remember but their website is pretty good and there event planning staff seem quite responsive and accommodating so it might be worth contacting them.

      1. Standard Tap advertizes for private parties on their web site not sure about costs, etc

        1. Try Kite & Key Restaurant and Bar -- 1800 block of Callowhill. They do not have an entirely separate room, but they have an area separated by a step and a waist-high wall (I think). The food, drinks and staff are great. I don't know about music requests and drink specials, but I imagine they'd be open to it.

          1. You might try upstairs at Chick's Wine Bar at 7th and Kater. Or the third floor of Good Dog.
            Perhaps PYT in the Piazza would give you their back room?

            Where are you looking? Center City? Burbs? Night of the week?

            You didn't mention food, which generally gets more of a reaction on this board. Also, I'm sure there are places, like Finnegan's Wake, that do this kind of birthday thing all the time, but I'm not sure it's the atmosphere you're looking for.

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              PYT is a really good call. I went to a private bday party in the backroom; they have a bar and a sound system and everything back there. Sounds perfect for OP. Dunno if they would do it on a weekend, though, as they do their own thing back there. A plus is that there is parking available.