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Jul 15, 2010 11:14 AM

Looking for Pickled Parrot 24 Karat Gold Margarita recipe [Moved from Minneapolis-St. Paul Board]

I miss getting the PP ribs and having what I thought was the best Margarita in town. I have the rib rub recipe and am looking for the drink recipe. Anyone??????

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  1. Me too! Any luck!?


    1. Try just calling the restaurant during a quiet time (or stopping in). It would be very unusual to be denied a recipe. With their permission, you could post it here as there's someone else interested.

      A bit of background: The Margarita has been discussed extensively on this board. The purists prefer a simple combination of high-quality all-agave tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur. Others prefer various additions of other fruit juices, sugars (including agave syrup), removing the orange liqueur and such. Folks tend to hold their opinions pretty tightly. ;) The word "best" seems to make the knuckles holding those opinions turn white.

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        Great idea, except the restaurant is out of business. <sad trombone sound> Which is why I think we're both looking for the recipe.

        I think we were sorta hoping a bartender from one of their locations would stumble on this thread...

      2. I used to work there! I'm asking around right now. I was a waitress, not the bartender. I'll let you know as soon as I do!

        1. Cuervo 1800 – 1oz Pour
          Cointreau – ½ oz pour (or a little less)
          Sour – Hard splash
          OJ – Quick splash
          Shake with ice then strain into salted martini glass
          Grand Marnier – Float on top of finished cocktail (or you can mix it in the shaker with the rest of the ingredients should you choose)

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