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Jul 15, 2010 10:06 AM

Favorite (newish) sweet-savory combinations?

Salted caramel or chocolate.

Chocolate bacon.

Peanut brittle (with or without bacon).

Yogurt (or chocolate) covered pretzels.

Those are pretty much tried and true sweet-savory combos. Maybe throw in a few others like honey-balsamic vinegar or chocolate potato chip cookies, etc.

But have you discovered or "invented" anything new recently?

Recently, I found that a Chocolate-Hoisin Sauce was a superb accompaniment for banana fritters as well as for crepes.

It's got that tangy, sweet, bitter taste sensation that I have yet find in anything except for maybe in really really ripe Durian -- except this sauce doesn't reek of week-old soiled diapers.

Just take equal parts Hoisin sauce and melted dark chocolate, and mix. Voila!

What about you? Any new sweet-savory combos you've discovered that you'd like to share?

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  1. Do black cherry tomatoes count as sweet? My home grown crop tastes almost like they are dipped in sugar.

    1. Salt and Pepper Ice cream form Humphry Slocombe in S.F.
      Tomato and watermelon Gazpacho
      Diced Melon with Spicy Lemongrass soup (cold) Great with lobster in it too.
      Kinda hot here today.

      1. Well, this is kind of an old stand-by but might be new to some here...Paula Deen's Pine Bark...saltines covered with caramel and then chocolate...ugh...and ahhhhhh!!!! So delicious...hits a home run every's also on Epicurious as Caramel Matzoh Crunch...also, how about salted raisins...whenever I make a little mixture of lightly salted nuts with raisins thrown in, I'm amazed at how good those raisins taste with a *little* salt...yum! Well, here's the Paula Deen link:

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        1. re: Val

          the pine bark is getting raves on another thread, too. one must use crisp crackers in low humidity for crunchy success, though.

          and salted raisins are good -- like in trail mix with nuts and m&ms.

        2. has to be figs stuffed with stilton, wrapped in proscuitto and baked (or grilled)..amazing combination..also just made a batch of sea salt carmel fudge brownines that met all my sweet/salty needs..

          1. A since-closed Indian restaurant I liked always had a buffet salad that seemed to be just sugar, white vinegar, and water to dress sliced cukes, onions, grapes, melon, and apple - maybe zucchini and bell pepper too, can't recall. It was unusual but refreshing.