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Jul 15, 2010 10:00 AM

Zojirushi Neuro-Fuzzy & Short Grain Brown Rice Problem

First time poster here; (I apologize if this is the wrong area for this).

I bought a 5.5 cup Zojirushi Neuro-Fuzzy Rice cooker, and it works great except for its cooking of short grain brown rice.

I'm certain I'm measuring things correctly when I use the brown rice setting. On that setting, the rice just comes out kind of mushy, not sticky and hard like when I cook white rice. I tried using the white rice setting as well as the semi-brown rice settings. They do a considerably better job, but not sticky and hard like with the white rice.

It's summer time where I live and there's no A/C + it's pretty humid.

Any tips for me on how to get good brown rice from my cooker?

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  1. I have a Zojirushi too, but it may not be the exact same one you have. I don't make brown rice often, but have certainly tried a few times. Have you tried to play with the water level? The optimal water level can be different for Japanese short grain rice vs Indian Basmati rice.

    In my experience, my brown rice came out the other way, it was often on the harder and chewy side, not the mushy side. Maybe you need to add less water. Cut the water down by 25% and you should see a difference.

    1. The same thing just happened to me. Like you I know the proportions were correct. I wonder if it had to do with the quality of the rice since it was a store brand brown rice. I also didn't rinse the rice as has been suggested.

      I will try a little less water next time.

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        Chemicalkinetics' guess is right. We dealt with that problem for several months, then finally started adding less water than recommended. We add only a little more water than the lines on the cooking pan specify for *white* rice; not only does the brown rice come out okay, it was firmer and harder than it had been, and less sticky. However, we still can't get it to come out as well as a white rice (or as brown rice pre-Zojirushi). However, since we bought the Zojuirushi primarily to make oatmeal, we don't mind.

        Good luck!

        FYI, we use Nishiki short grain brown rice.

        1. re: jpalmer

          I also use short grain brown rice. The 20lb bag, "Asian Taste" has some English instructions. Says to use white rice method in a rice cooker, including the amount of water.

          Depending what I'm using the rice for, I use brown, semibrown, or a white method on the Zo, and use the same amount of water as the method I chose from the menu. I haven't needed to adjust water otherwise.

      2. Another good suggestion, if you like brown rice, is really to buy jasmine brown rice. It's long grain and seems to come out a little more al dente than the short grain japanese brown rice. I even use the jasmine brown rice (long grain) to make fried rice the next day, as it does not really clump together. Just as Ck mentioned below, adding less water to the short grain brown should also work beautifully.

        I have the same Zojirushi as you, and I absolutely love it. If you would like to branch out to other types of uses for your cooker, look for recipes online or also take a look at the book, "The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook," which you can get on Amazon. Happy Cooking!