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Jul 15, 2010 08:49 AM

Mainland Inn Closed "For Improvements"

Front page of today's Reporter newspaper had an article about The Mainland Inn in Harleysville closing their doors after dinner on Tuesday evening. Sign on the front door says they are "Closed for Improvements" ....... stay tuned

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  1. I was surprised it was able to stay afloat as long as it did.

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    1. re: Den

      It's such a nice property and we sorely need more restaurants in the Harleysville area - other than the pizza shops that are plentiful. Perhaps they can reinvent Mainland as a more casual BYOB and modernize the menu or serve tapas plates which seems to be the trend at present. We dined at Mainland several times - but only once per year due to the entree pricing and upscale dress code, etc.

      1. re: curly girl

        Was just reading about this on the Reporter online. Apparently they only let the vendors and employees know on Tuesday. It is a shame. What is up with the endless pizza shops?

        1. re: givemecarbs

          It is a shame - all of the waiters and host staff were always very nice during our visits. And - if they just told them - then obviously this was not a planned shutdown. As far as pizza shops, I actually prefer Henning's pizza. I know Parkside American Grille is doing very well. Perhaps they took some of Mainland's customer base. Definitely need to reinvent themselves if it's not too late. I'd be happy to help. More than ready to change career paths at my age :)

          American Grille
          201 Strykers Rd Ste 18, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

    2. I hope they're just re-working things and not done for good. I had one of my best meals there. It was pricy, but so very good.

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      1. re: JohnnyKBar

        Not looking like they'll reopen any time soon, if it's 'renovation' they closed for it's a financial renovation

        they can't stay afloat

        1. re: cgarner

          Check the comments in The Reporter. Sounds like they're coming back in a more up-to-date mode.

      2. The dip they served at the bar downstairs (and the brand of chips!), their amazing corn chowder, the sourdough rolls, the perfect salad dressing, the sweet and mouth-smacking red wine reduction for the steak, the EPIC house potatoes... I can't live without these things.

        How can I get my hands on the recipes? Anyone have an "in"?

          1. re: givemecarbs

            Here’s what I heard from someone who worked there for years. Of course they were quite abruptly out of a job (despite what was stated in the news when they closed) so I took this with a grain of salt:

            The owners went to Dave Markel (Prominent developer in Skippack) and asked him to come in and be a partner, invest money to bail them out of the hole they were in financially.

            Markel agreed, but only if certain people were let go (due to their poor management of the existing restaurant)

            There were other negotiating factors that the current owners balked at and Markel’s response was (and of course I’m paraphrasing)
            No problem, when the bank forecloses on the property I’ll buy it for half of what you’re asking me for now and make the restaurant that I want out of it.

            How true that story is? No clue, as I said, the person that told us was pretty bitter at the time to be displaced without notice.

            It’ll be interesting to see what becomes of the Mainland Inn. It was a great restaurant, and I think one of those places that sometimes people just forgot about. Add to that the fact that people are going out less and less, and the purported bad management, they just couldn’t manage to stay afloat any longer.

            1. re: givemecarbs

              Thanks for the link. Interesting responsible reporting by the local paper. The decline in quality was obvious to us on our last visits. Here is hoping that this lovely venue is revived by a team of skilled professionals. It at one time had been an island of culinary delight and good service in an area generally void of same.

              1. re: givemecarbs

                But the recipes! What about the recipes?!

                1. re: dancole42

                  Agreed. There were some very special offerings, particularly the exquisite creme brulee and the bread pudding with the rum custard and fresh raspberries. Let us hope the phoenix can reemerge from its ashes.

                  1. re: Chefpaulo

                    I have some memories of very good soups as well. Lets hope that CVS doesn't buy the property.. or Dunkin Donuts.. or Wawa.

                    1. re: cwdonald

                      oh my gosh cwdonald, I'm glad I wasn't drinking coffee when I read your post. Ouch! I used to live in Mainland and no one ever heard of it when I told them where I lived. I kind of liked Mainland being well-known. I'm shuddering too hard to type any more. now.

                1. re: givemecarbs

                  Very sad, indeed. Montco's "best kept secret" since the Tremont has officially ended. I had many a fine brunch and dinner there.
                  With the building on the Nat. Historic Registry, I don't think we have to worry about Wawa tearing it down. But, I'd like to see something better than another sports bar.