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Jul 15, 2010 08:40 AM

Elephant Walk - Thai in Falls Church

A commenter in Tom Sietsema's dining chat yesterday mentioned a "new" Thai restaurant in Falls Church that was very good. Has anyone been to Elephant Walk? What did you think? It's located in the Yorktown Shopping Center at Route 50 and Gallows Road.


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  1. There is a Thai restaurant with the same name in Boston.

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    1. re: chicken kabob

      The Boston one is Cambodian/French -- and it's wonderful. Their website only shows locations in the Boston area though, so apparently the Falls Church one is unrelated, unfortunately.

      1. re: woodleyparkhound

        Thanks woodleypark hound =) i heard the one in boston was great,too- i sent my brother there after hearing about it on food network and he loved it.

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          I got really excited when i saw the thread title; oh well!

      2. I think the name of the restaurant is actually "Elephant Jumps":

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          Yes, the restaurant's name is Elephant Jumps. We finally tried this place last Friday night. We thought the food was solid, not mind-blowingly spectacular. We ordered Drunken Noodles and Basil Tilapia. Both were very good, but someone had a heavy hand with the fish sauce. The fish was fresh and the portions generous. The service was attentive. We arrived early and the place was relatively empty. By the time we left I wasn't yet busy. Just thought I would share ...

          1. re: LizG

            Our experience was very different -- Elephant Jumps WAS mind-blowing for us. My wife and I did an all appetizers meal and every one was fantastic. Probably my favorite was the fried watercress salad -- battered and deep fried watercress topped with an incendiary chopped chicken, peppers, and vinegar mix. But the roti with green curry chicken was also fantastic.

            With this one meal, Elephant Jumps immediately jumped to the top of both of our lists of favorite Thai restaurants.

            1. re: Mississippi Snopes

              Has anyone been here recently? I'll be coming to the Falls Church area from Charlottesville and am considering a visit as opposed to going to some of my old standbys when I used to live there. I'm intrigued by the green curry with roti appetizer and some of the salads (especially the signature "Elephant Jumps Salad" with coconut, shrimp, lime and shallots). Any other good orders?

                1. re: CoconutMilk

                  I was supposed to meet someone for lunch at Uncle Liu's, but they cancelled, and hot pot for one isn't nearly as enjoyable, so I tried Elephant Jumps down the road instead. The watercress salad was OK--basically, a large platter of battered fried greens plus a tiny shot glass of larb on the side. I also tried the spicy seafood soup, which was a fine tom yum talay if a bit small. The entree was a crab curry, which was also solid, though not quite what I was expecting (the description on the menu was vague)--I thought it would be lump crab in a Thai-style red or green curry sauce, but it was all shredded flakes, in an Indian-style dry brown curry. For those who like it spicy, this isn't the place to go: they offered five levels of heat from "mild" to "Thai hot"; I got all three dishes Thai hot, and the only one with some noticeable heat was the larb part of the watercress salad. (Nothing was bland; just no real heat.)

          2. Elephant Jumps is an ok neighborhood place. Definitely has its positive points and negatives also. I'd be happy to live nearby, but unlikely I would go out of my way to eat here.

            The positive: they were not afraid to put up the heat level for us, though we did make a big-than-usual deal of it.

            They did a real nice job with the drunken noodles.

            The food is not too sweet.

            The negatives:

            way too much batter on the fried watercress (shot glass of sauce is very good, though).

            They only use very lean pork here, which is basically tasteless.

            Beef Jerky is served completely dry with another shot glass of sauce on the side. Again, the sauce is quite good but the jerky is bland.

            Penang curry was made hot with the addition of fresh chilis (as requested), but the underlying sauce was bland.