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Jul 15, 2010 08:31 AM

Niche & Taste in one shot?

Visiting St. Louis soon and are planning a Friday night dinner at Niche. Would really like to stop in at Taste for at least a drink (before or after dinner), but given the small size of bar, I am trying to plan ahead. Any thoughts on what time during the evening Taste will be busiest?

Thought I would see if anyone has done the same or has any advice to help with our game plan.

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  1. Call now for reservations, 314-773-7755. Taste is sporadically busy throughout the evening. You should plan your visit to Taste around when you are able to get into Niche. A pre or post dinner visit to Taste is equally as good.

    1. You can easily do both in one shot. I had dinner at Niche on Saturday night and when left aaround 11pm there were several open seats at Taste both inside the bar and in the outdoor seating.