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Anyone know where to find sour orange juice? (Burbs preferred)

bourj Jul 15, 2010 08:27 AM

Every time I need to make a mojo marinade, it calls for sour orange juice, and I have to make a facsimile of it, since I can never find the "true" ingredients. Anyone know where to get sour orange juice (or sour oranges)?

West burbs locations preferred, if possible.

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  1. geg5150 RE: bourj Jul 15, 2010 08:51 AM

    I don't have a suggestion for a specific store in the 'burbs, but I see it in most Hispanic markets in the city, Harvest Time, Cermak, even Andy's Fruit Ranch. I know Goya makes a sour orange marinade, but I've never used it.

    I've also seen recipes that have an alternative of 50/50 orange juice and lime juice for sour orange. I believe that I've heard Rick Bayless suggest using just lime juice if sour OJ isn't available.

    Good luck!

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      boucherie RE: bourj Aug 10, 2010 10:15 AM

      The Produce Market on Oakton and Skokie BLVD. in Skokie has Goya Sour Orange Marinade.

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        tonyg RE: bourj Aug 10, 2010 10:59 AM

        Michael's in Naperville has the bottled Goya brand as well. Getting fresh sour oranges in the area is a bit of a challenge. Only time I've seen them was when working in a restaurant nearly 10 years ago. We'd get cases of them to make a specific marinade. If you are near a Caputo's they would most likley carry it as well.

        Michael's Fresh Market
        856 S State Route 59
        Naperville, IL 60540
        (630) 637-3800

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        1. re: tonyg
          gonefishin RE: tonyg Aug 13, 2010 05:48 AM


          I actually just bought some of the Goyo marinade from Caputo's last week. So they do have it...much like many of the smaller Mexican grocery stores.

          Hope you find it,

        2. b
          bourj RE: bourj Aug 15, 2010 08:26 PM

          Thanks all...I'm not much of a fan of the Goya stuff, I find it pretty bland and processed-tasting. I shall keep looking and report back on any findings.

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