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Jul 15, 2010 08:18 AM

Sonic Drive In Comes to Wallingford ,Ct Food Review

I finally for the first time was able to after a few years of seeing commercials go to the Grand Opening on Wednesday of Sonic on Route 5 off exit 66 Route 15 ..
It was worth it .
I remember in the 1960's seeing some drive Ins with Car Hops but years later none .
Well I got there and was in line for a Car Hop Booth.
The Menu board is pretty extensive . You have to press a red button to order and then they come over with your food on Roller Skates and deliver your food.Which I enjoyed.
So I ordered a Coney Dog with Chilli and Cheese with Fries and some of the Sonic Tator Tots.
I also tried a Super Sonic Cheese Burger and it was fresh with Lettuce,Tomato,Mayo and Onions it was juicy and not greasy like the other Fast Food Chains .
For a Drink I decided to try the Sonic Slush which come in many flavors and combinations.
I just went for a Grape and Orange Slush .Both were good and my brain did not freeze which is a good thing.
Next time I will go for breakfast.That Menu for Breakfast is an all day one.So you can order Breakfast items all day and night.
I am not comparing Sonic at all with Independent Drive Ins thats another Topic.
Just Fast Food Chains.
If people need info on the new Sonic in my neck of the woods here is a link ,they also have a very active Facebook site aswell . .
Thats my review of Connecticuts first Sonic Drive In.
If you go to this Sonic I would be interested to know what you tried on there menu liked etc.

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  1. Planning a visit there Saturday for dinner. If the line is too long, we'll have to wait for another time. I'll post here about it for sure.

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    1. re: L2k

      Looked like an hour or more line just to get to a drive up position on Saturday, so we went elsewhere. Maybe try again in a few months.

    2. I am almost embarrassed that Connecticut is making such a big deal out of this. I mean Gov. Rell proclaiming it "Sonic Day"?? Having lived previously in an area saturated with Sonics, I feel their marketing machine is much stronger than the food quality.

      It reminds me of when Krispy Kreme moved into CT. There were lines, hour long waits, etc. fast forward a few years later and they are boarding them up and shutting them down.

      Edited to add: So I am not a complete Debbie Downer, I will say that I like the flavor combos of Sonic's drinks.

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        1. re: Stephanie Wong

          Yep, the cherry limeaids are great. The food is never as good as I remember. I have basically stopped going altogether.

          1. re: Stephanie Wong

            Sonic is perhaps the only non-specialty store where malteds are available. Their vanilla malted shake is my favorite.

          2. re: mels

            mels the big difference is this .We are not reviewing the down fall of Krispy Kreme.

            Sonic is not like Krispy Kreme and honestly besides good marketing they truly do have great food not just great drinks.

            Sonic will be around for many years in Connecticut .

            To try and make a comparison between both is unrealistic .

            Compare Sonic to lets say McDonalds and Burger King who has a better non greasy Burger? In my humble opinion having Sonic for the first time I would truly say the Sonic Burger had no greasy taste at all.

            When I in the past used to eat at McDonalds the burgers are always greasy.

            There is a big difference

            I know you have been used to seeing Sonics where you used to live and they were everywhere so you got tried of it .

            Here in New England its a different ball game .

            You will that people in New England will love this for a very long time to come .

            1. re: FriedChickenLover

              Compare Sonic's bacon cheeseburger to McDonald's angus bacon burger. Within 5 calories of each other, but the Sonic offering has 9g more fat, and weighs less. Who has a better burger? Neither, in my book, but Sonic's definitely has more grease.

              1. re: ratbuddy

                I resepctfully disagree about the grease .I have had McFats burgers and I can tell you they have alot of grease.

                1. re: FriedChickenLover

                  Feel free to disagree. That won't change the fact that Sonic's burger has over a quarter ounce more fat than the McDonalds offering, despite weighing less overall.

                  Sonic's burger is greasier, and that's a plain old fact.

          3. Just had the Sonic Onion Rings they were slightly sweet tasting not greasy and really good the other night when I went through the Drive Thru.
            I highly suggest the Onion Rings when you come to the new Sonic on route 5 here in my town of Wallingford.
            I also heard that White Castle might be coming to Wallingford aswell .
            I grew up in Long Island and love White Castle Burgers .
            If that happens Will be in Burger Heaven .

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            1. re: FriedChickenLover

              There are a lot of closed down Sonics in the small towns near Houston. I think they get forced out by Dairy Queen, sometimes, or more likely a Dairy King, Dairy Mart or insert local homegrown name. In Columbus 70 miles west of here, it is Dairy Cone. They use fresh, handformed patties, and thick delicious bacon. Blows away Sonic, and I'll take a local over a chain anytime. There is a Sonic there, but I won't eat at it.

              1. re: James Cristinian

                Same with Southwest Ohio. They expanded into the area too quickly, and, as a result, quite a few closed within a year.
                Outside of a few items, like their tater tots and drink combinations, the food at Sonic isn't that good. I've said before it's a combination Dairy Queen/Burger King and that hasn't changed, to me.

                1. re: James Cristinian

                  well with over 900 Sonics in one State that is one to many7 regardless of the Fast Food Chain.

                  I bet if Texas only had maybe 20 throughout they would all be open.

                  On Sonics location map Texas they show has 900 plus Sonic's .

                  That are still open .

                  1. re: James Cristinian

                    I suspect a lot of the closed locations are franchisees who couldn't cut it. You have to have gangbusters business all the time to be profitable, and Sonic requires high continuing royalty and advertising fees.

                2. Again I am not comparing Sonic to these other Fast Food places that are local to your own State I am comparing Sonic to McDonalds ,BK ,DQ,Arby's,Wendy's etc National Chains not local chains or Independents

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                  1. The original comment has been removed