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Jul 15, 2010 08:13 AM

Friday night downtown

I'm in from LA w the bf and we have one night in Dallas. Any food recs? Not necessarily looking for over the top but somewhere nice. Any true Dallas eats or places where we can experience the city would be great. Thx in advance!

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  1. No budget or dietary constraints? I'd say 560 or Samar.

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      Thanks--Samar looks good but we're looking to stick to American-ish cuisine (not even considering French). No dietary constraints, looking for the $31-50 range/pp--I checked 560 it looks like they're booked until 10pm. Just booked a res at Fearing's b/c the menu seems very tasty but I was hoping for 560 for the view. Thinking about just ending the night there for drinks.

    2. Where are you staying. Abacus, Hibiscus, The Place at Perry's and Al Biernat's are excellent. I like Stephan Pyles.

      Stephen Pyles Restaurant @ 1807 Ross Avenue, Dallas, TX 214 - 580 - 7000.