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Jul 15, 2010 08:09 AM

Reading Terminal Market fish?

Any recommendations for the best fish at Reading Terminal Market? I'm always overwhelmed and have had a couple of less than stellar pieces of fish from there. Help!

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  1. I like John Yi's fish -- it's much fresher than the others. He also has a stand in the food court of the Comcast Center.

    1. I like Jonny Yi's but also the place right next to Down Home Diner. I usually get them to filet or clean whole fish so I can assess the quality first, but another option is to tell them you are making sushi or cerviche

      1. Although John Yi (Eat Fish, Live Longer) generally has the best quality, that's not guaranteed. You really have to look at what each of the three fishmongers has, then decide who has the best of what you want. Sometime's is Wan, sometimes is Golden, sometimes its Yi. Price can vary too for fish of about the same quality.

        1. Another vote for Yi.Been using them for a long time

          1. It's not the Reading Market but there's SeaStainable seafood at the Saturday farmers market at the Piazza at Schmidts. It's a subsidiary of Samuels & Sons, who supplies lots of restaurants around town. Everything looks good. I've gotten octopus, sardines and head-on NC shrimp. All were better/fresher than anything I've gotten at the Reading Market. The guy was happy to take special orders via email.