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Jul 15, 2010 07:46 AM

Mama's Fish House

Due to hotel location (Westin Resort & Spa) we currently have reservations at Merriman's and I'O for dinner. Merriman's is only 7 miles away and we can take the hotel shuttle into Lahaina for dinner at I'O.

But we really want to go to Mama's... so how is it for lunch? Figure we could have an early lunch there at 11am and be back at the pool\beach in Ka'anaplai by 2pm. I figure a light fish lunch (split salad or app and 2 entrees) and a glass of wine each and we should be out the door under $100.

Do we need to make reservations for lunch? Used Open Table for Merriman's so I assume it is safe to use for Mama's as well.


Mama's Fish House
Paia HI, Paia, HI

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  1. Lunch at Mama's is a great way to go. You can see the basic menu on their website. I think you might spend a little more than $100. A better estimate is probably closer to $150. You can easily spend $30-$40 on lunch entrees if you are ordering fish (as opposed to a sandwich). Apps probably run $15-$20 each and wines at least $10/glass. Their food is definitely worth it, though, so just go in knowing that your estimate might be a little low. Enjoy!

    1. I had lunch at Mama's and it was very nice. Plus, during the day you can see the ocean. Yes, make rezzies! We went when they opened and had no problem, but by the time we were leaving they were getting a lot more busy.

      1. Lunch is the way to go. You can save a bit of money (not much) but you get the million dollar view. At night, it's dark out. Last time there, we had late lunch at a ringside table and it was perfect. It was around 2:30, after the lunch rush and we could take out time and enjoy. Bring your piggy bank but at the end, you will feel it was worth the extra $$$

        1. Concur with the rest that lunch is a great way to go. Also, depending on when your flights are, it's not far from the airport if you want to eat when you arrive or before you depart. Same goes for Hali'imaile General Store, it's a good option for before or after the airport.