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Jul 15, 2010 07:31 AM

Two Foodies United Under Pork Belly?

My DC/fiance and I are planning a small (private) destination ceremony and meal out of town.

To celebrate with family and friends (and mend our mother's broken hearts) we want to have a party for 100 or so guests at a later date. Our dream would be a pig roast, kegs of craft beers, maybe some Pimm's Cups and awesome desserts (no wedding cake...maybe red velvet cupcakes?). We'd like to stay in Eastern MA...and not get stuck with a contract at a great venue for this that requires us to do the same old chicken breast/steak boring meal...

So here's the challenge-- where do we have and who could pull this party off?

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  1. Don't know a place that totally fits the bill but:

    Blue Ribbon will cater some pretty amazing pork products. They might smoke a whole pig for you if you asked.

    Their desserts and sides are also truly excellent.

    I remember there are a couple of places in greater Boston that have outdoor pavillion-like venues (googling might find them) in parks etc that work rain or shine. I have been to two different ones, but darned if I remember exactly where.

    As Blue Ribbon does not do alcohol you could just hire some bartenders and organize the beer/booze yourself.

    1. Maybe check with Vadim of Akimenko Meats? His shop isn't open yet but he's catered some pig roasts and seems to know everyone.

      1. Can't help on venue, however B&M (out of RI) did a truly outstandig pig roast and bbq for us. They will have no problem traveling to eastern MA, and are a pleasure to deal with.

        You could take care of the beer/alcohol (Gordons in Waltham) and dessert yourself and do it quite reasonably.

        1. Here's a lovely venue in Belmont where friends had their wedding: Both indoor & outdoor facilities available.

          1. you can order whole roast suckling pigs at Hong Kong Eatery or Quic Pic BBQ in Chinatown. Lately Quic Pic seems to be crispier and I believe they are cheaper too. Nice golden crunchy skin, none of that stringy pulled pork stuff ;). if you don't mind slicing it yourself, might be the cheapest way to go (with the money you save, get a nice electric carving knife!) PS i've heard some electric carving knives can be unreliable so bring a backup

            Hong Kong Eatery
            79 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02111

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              If pig is where you want to go, I was thinking the same. The roast suckling pigs are fantastic for showcasing the fabulous crispy skin. The meat itself can other wise be fatty, but the skin is the star here, and unusual for the average American eater. One little pig might not be enough for your guests, so this might just be one item on your menu.