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Jul 15, 2010 03:36 AM


Hi my first time posting but I often read! I am desperately searching for good Korean restaurants in London UK, hopefully someone can help! Central London area by Holborn/covent garden/soho.....Got Korean guests next week who wish to eat Korean and I haven't a clue! Please help!

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  1. Best bet in central London is probably Asadal (next to Holborn tube station). The Korean grill seemed a little weak when I was there, but many of the other non-grill dishes were great.

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    1. re: limster

      If you're prepared to travel, then Sorabol in New Malden is really really good - there's a whole Korean enclave there.

      1. re: helen b

        I'll 2nd Sorabol; I was there last Saturday night with three Korean friends (lucky enough to drop in and get a table without booking as the place was packed to the rafters) and we had an amazing meal. The Royal Galbi Jjim is to die for!

    2. Haven't tried Asadal yet (will have to put this on the list). We've had a number of very mediocre Korean meals around London. The best so far has been Arirang, off Oxford Street in SoHo. I'm not sure if it gets much better in central London. My understanding is that all the places the Koreans like to go are out in New Malden.

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        There is a very good place near Tottenhem Court Road called Koya which has excellent BBQ. I'd also recommend Kaya on Abermarle Street near Green Park tube.

        Granted, the places in New Malden are probably better for certain regional dishes, but the aforementioned places do the basics very well.

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          brokentelephone, I think you meant Koba near Tottenham Court Road. Delicious and authentic bbq in Soho. Lots of Koreans whenever I go there.

        2. Asadal was okay, but way too expensive for the quality. . Koya is the better choice. Assa is also fun

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            Is this the Assa in Soho or in the Korean restaurant row around Centrepoint? (Or are they the same? Haven't been in a while.) Thanks!

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              limster - would love if you could help kick off this thread about real Japanese food in London: . Thanks in advance!

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                  Thanks - I like Assa too -- I've only been to of the Centrepoint places once, but I think it was my favourite of the lot.

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                To reiterate, the name of the Korean restaurant is Koba, not Koya.

              2. Koba (not Koya!) is the best Korean I've had in London. The pork belly on the BBQ is amazing as is their other non-BBQ food such as the yook hwei and the bibimbap.

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                  yeah i liked koba but i found it quite expensive

                  1. re: t_g

                    If you can recommend a cheaper Korean restaurant in central London where the food is at least as good as Koba then please shout it out. Koba's menu: doesn't look too expensive unless you compare it to New Malden prices.

                    1. re: hayes64

                      idk... when we went there we ended up spending over £30 each i think which for me, for korean, is a lot. also is v v v v annoying that you need to pay for lettuce + kim chi + whatnot to have w/ the bbq

                      1. re: t_g

                        I 'd have to agree about Koba..I was pretty let down. The food was ok but I kept feeling like they were trying to squeeze every pence out of me...after charging for every little thing (I did think the banchan was ok though albeit small in quantity) watching them recycle the paper chopstick covers on the sly seemed kind of lame given that they were squeezing me for every piece of cabbage, every piece of beef (quantity was quite small), and every piece of squid...Next time I'm in London I think I'll go somewhere else...

                        1. re: markp123

                          Head for New Malden... a short train ride and quite a few very good Korean places to choose from.

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                            I agree that it is very expensive for what you get, but still really like it.

                  2. Went to Cah Chi in Earlsfield last week for a very quick dinner. It was perfectly fine - but then we weren't very adventurous in our choices. Pajeon, spinach namul + complimentary mixed namul, galbi, pork bulgogi, steam rice, 2 diet cokes, £30. They don't take cards, only cash and cheque.

                    Not a big fan of Ran anymore since they had their refit, not so cool with communal round tables (or was it Arang, i always get them mixed up). Didn't appreciate being seated on a table where two other diners laughed at my boyfriend's clumsy way with chopsticks. Not the restaurant's fault, obviously, but would prefer to sit on a private table.