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Jul 15, 2010 12:34 AM

L'Agrume walk-in?

Hey All,

First time posting here, but I've lurked for a while. A very specific question: I know it is hard to get a rez at L'Agrume, but is there a second seating (à la Chateaubriand) for walk-ins? Could myself and a couple friends drop by around 9 and wait around with a bottle until a table opens? Or is this totally out of the question? If so, any recs on last minute places for tonight ($30-$50). Some friends came to town and I'm scrambling for a table....



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  1. My first-hand experience in early June is that there are no walk-ins at L'Agrume. We had a 9pm reso and two groups tried to walk-in around the same time. While there was room at the raised table with stools the server in a very polite manner said they could not accommodate them. It could be they only have enough food for the number of resos on the books each night. Also, the space is so small that more people in your party, the more unlikely a walk in would be.

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      Thanks for this. I ended up snagging a res at Régalade St. Honoré, which was perfect. L'Agrume will have to wait...

      1. re: Bradford Taylor

        Ate at both recently. Both were excellent though I liked Regalade even better. What a great place.

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          ps get the veal shoulder "comme en provence"

      2. Just for everyone's reference, someone usually picks up the phone during lunch hours (or right before). The lady who took my reservation for September today spoke excellent English and was extremely nice. Can't wait to sit at the chef's counter at L'Agrume!! Will report back in a few months...