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Jul 14, 2010 10:58 PM

Sel de la Terre, Natick

Meeting friends we rarely see @ SDLT tonight. What is not to be missed on the menu?

Sel de la Terre
1245 Worcester Street, Natick, MA 01760

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  1. Rosemary pommes frites. Thin, crunchy, not greasy-tasting...sometimes it's hard to keep track of how many you've eaten, until you look up and suddenly the container's empty...

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    1. re: taterjane

      Seconded - alone, they're worth the trip.

      1. re: sallyt

        Depends where you're traveling from if you ask me. :)

        I live nearby, and have generally found SDLT to be pretty good, but never great. I'd recommend sitting in the bar tonight and indulging in the $1 tapas. You can try lots of things pretty cheap and spend your dining dollars on beverages.


        1. re: BJK

          don't get raw oysters - they showed up at room temp without ice and i had to spit a real nasty one out. at least they gave me a shot of tequila to kill the taste. everything else was pretty average.

      1. Tried it for lunch and Is it worth to pay $13.95 for a burger at lunch?
        Well, if you get a perfectly cooked burger made of locally raised cattle, caramelized onions, Cabot cheddar, roasted red pepper remoulade, rosemary pommes frites it might actually be worth it! Incredible tasty and juicy burger with outstanding matchstick cut Rosemary French Fries and a soft and tasty bun. The rosemary was a bit lacking on the fries but they where so good anyway.