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Jul 14, 2010 08:13 PM

Robuchon + Alex or Guy Savoy or Picasso?

Dined at Robuchon in June and felt it was the finest meal I’ve ever eaten (12 dinners at Michelin 3 star or Mobil/Forbes 5 star restaurants thus far … I felt only Alinea’s 23 course Tour was comparable to Robuchon). I had the 6 course prix fixe, wife had the 4 course prix fixe.

So, going back for another round with Robuchon next month, but also wanted to dine at another top restaurant on the second night. The three I have in mind are in the title, I’m thinking Picasso is probably not quite in the same class as Alex and GS though, right?

I’ve read Larry G’s great write-ups and he feels GS is slightly better than Alex, but others rate GS and Alex nearly equal (both Michelin 2 stars) or even give a slight nod to Alex (Forbes rates Alex 5 star but only gives 4 stars to GS). Thinking I can’t go wrong either way but have some Q’s to help me decide.

One thing I don’t like about GS is that the web site seems to indicate every one must get the same menu (I would likely go for the Elegance menu, 6 courses @ $190 pp, hopefully my wife could order something smaller). My wife and I usually like to order totally different things (the a la carte menu looks too pricey though) and appreciate a place like Robuchon where we can get different numbers of courses with several choices in each category.

So my Q is how flexible is GS at allowing substitutions to something like the Elegance Menu so we could at least have something different? Even better, is there any chance my wife could get the TGV menu (just four courses) while I got the Elegance? (I understand the pacing problems this causes servers and chefs but two big dinners in a row is a bit much for my wife).

Similar Q for Alex, could my wife order the three course prix fixe while I had the tasting menu? Or could she order one of the vegetable menus while I get the tasting? Anyone tried this? How receptive was the restaurant to this?

Right now I’m leaning Alex because they seem a bit more flexible and it looks easier to order different things (also a bit less expensive) and maybe saving GS for a later trip if we decide to return, but would like to hear what the chowhounds have to say. If we both had to get the three course at Alex it would be acceptable I guess. At least we could order different things, unlike what is implied by the GS non-a la carte menus.


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  1. Alex is extremely flexible and accomodating. If this is a prime concern, then they get the nod. Oh, and the food will definately wow you.

    One note for lighter eaters, you get at least 10 little delicious freebies at Alex that round out a smaller meal quite nicely.

    1. I wrote ahead to GS - I asked them about substitutions to the tasting menu and they accomidated every single one of them. I additionally saw tables doing different menus with stellar service.

      Alex is great, Savoy is superb. There are reviews of both in my blog and outside of Robuchon I think Savoy is by far the best in may even be better.

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        I just ate at guy savoy and joel robuchon (twice in one week!!). You're really in for a treat. Didn't get a chance to try alex or picasso as they were closed in july for vacation.

        I'd recommend getting the largest menu both nights. Eating the tasting menu's at these places back to back is the culinary equivalent of climbing mount everest. They both left me feeling incredibly stuffed, but they were both so much amazing incredible food. I felt less like it was an enjoyable meal, and more like it was an initiation into an ancient pagan cult of gluttony and decadence. An ordeal, trial by fire. Not as enjoyable, but much more rewarding and transformative..

        (meant to reply to original poster. BTW, thanks for your great reviews and blog, uhockey. your writing was part of what inspired me to eat at these restaurants in the first place)

        1. re: TheFoodEater

          Thank you or the kind words - I merely report on what I experience. Franck Savoy is possibly the greatest "greeter" of any restaurant I've visited, though Chef Passot at La Folie is close second. :-) Between Kamal and the crew at Robuchon I must say I felt downright SPOILED there, as well.

      2. Thanks for the replies, glad to hear both Alex and GS are flexible.

        We got a great deal on a suite at Wynn Encore so this trip we'll do the gold limo ride to Robuchon the first night and then dine at Alex the 2nd night, since it's in the Wynn hotel complex.

        If Robuchon is as good this trip as last time we'll return in November (birthday) and dine at both Robuchon and Guy Savoy.

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          Look forward to your report since I've dined at both Alex and Robuchon and prefer Alex to Robuchon. I dined my first night at Alex, followed by dinner at Robuchon, and all I can remember is that my sister and I kept saying how much better (food, service and decor) Alex was (also how much less expensive).