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Jul 14, 2010 06:31 PM

Far Far West 20's

I've started work on the WES Drive and 25th Street... does anybody know anyplace to get lunch around there besides 'wichcraft (pretentious) and the corner falafel cart?

Sorry, make that "West", not "Wesr"...

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  1. (Note: You can still correct your title as there is a 3-hour window for editing.)

    Bottino is on 10th, b/t 24th & 25th. Food's very good. They've got a nice selection of salads on the lunch menu. Lovely garden as well.

    Bottino photos here:

    Trestle on Tenth is on the corner of 10th & 24th. Tasty food. The lunch menu includes soup, salads and sandwiches. Also has a sweet little garden.

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      Thank you for the suggestion and the editing info! I was thinking more of delis or coffeshops or pizza places, burgers or chicken or Chinese takeout or delivery...

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        The only pizza place I know of in the vicinity is Co., on the corner of 9th & 24th. The pizza is considered one of the best in the city.

        Co. photos here:

    2. Grand Sichuan on 9th and 24th for Chinese takeout and/or delivery. Co. is right across the street.

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        I second both recommendations.

        Grand Sichuan is not just for takeout and delivery though.

      2. Unfortunately, not too familiar with restaurants around that area, so don't know too much about where to eat. However, I would recommend Co as well for pizza around that area. When it comes down to good coffee shops, Joe (23rd and 9th) does a great job with coffee, espresso, etc. If you're also willing to walk down a bit south(west), in the Chelsea Market, there also is another coffee shop (more like a stand I guess) called Ninth Street Espresso, which is my personal favorite. Also in the Chelsea Market is a bakery called Fat Witch Bakery, and I heard their brownies are extremely good, worth trying if you decide to head into the Chelsea area.

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          If she's working on the extreme west side, Chelsea Market would be south and east. The back entrance is on 10th, b/t 15th & 16th Sts.

          Fat Witch is not the only good sweet thing to have there. L'Arte del Gelato has some of the best gelato in the city. Not-to-be-missed!

          L'Arte del Gelato photos:

          There are a number of places for sandwiches, soups, salads, etc. Here's the link to the list of vendors:

        2. Also, I'm quite fond of La Bergamote, a great place for croissants, pastries and sandwiches.

          La Bergamote
          169 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011