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Cherry Pitter success?

It is my first attempt at pitting cherries and I hear your kitchen can end up looking like a slaughterhouse.
I went to my local kitchen place and they had about six different varieties. Any die hard cherry/olive pitters have a favorite?

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  1. The one I have from Williams Sonoma works well.

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        Just looked it up and the one shown with the black housing is different than what I have which is a few years old. Looks like the same pitting action though, just more souped up. That plastic shield the cherry passes thru after being pitted looks like a useful improvement. Mine doesn't have it and pitted cherries do tend to fly out in random directions when pitting quickly. Also it doesn't waste any cherry "meat" which is always a good thing.

      2. re: Island

        I have that one too and pitted 5 lbs of cherries the other day. the guard on the bottom is genius!

      3. My Oxo brand pitter, purchased from W&S works great. Only does one cherry at a time, but minimal splatter & it cleans up easily.

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          I have the Oxo one too. It works well and as you said, cleans up easily. I got it at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

          1. I have to agree with the oxo recommendation. I just bought it a week ago, and pitting an entire bag of cherries with it. It works great.

            1. I have a cherry pitter that came from the wall-mounted rack of gadgets at Crate & Barrel. It cost about $12.00 two or three years ago. It's a efficient little gizmo that I use frequently while cherries are in season. It punches those pits right out.

              1. We have had an OXO for several years and find that the juice goes all over the place.
                The cherry pitter in our house far prefers this one: http://www.amazon.com/Progressive-Int...
                It cuts the time expended down by at least half (per him) and is a lot less messy.

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                  After reading another discussion on Chowhound about pitting with a paper clip, and being a skeptic, I tried it. Works great! So does a bobby pin.

                  Just stick the rounded end into the cherry, feel around for the pit, and pull it out.

                  I'm sure they have them at Amazon too. :-)

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                    I've done it that way and trust me this is easier and faster. And I have nothing to do with Amazon professionally by the way.

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                    Multiple! Now that's the way to go!

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                        I find the chopstick method just as messy as doing it manually. I pit cherries for my two little girls and have just resigned to having very unlady-like looking fingers! I thought about a cherry pitter but didn't want to add to the gadget drawer!

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                      I was going to recommend this one-the Cherry It does 4 at once and has a guard so no juice and pits flying. Better by far than my old one.

                    2. how come when I do a search on chowhound for cherry pitter I found nothing but when I google it I found this thread???

                      anyways just wanna say I bought the OXO Good Grips cherry/olive pitter and found it misses a lot of pits and also the little splatter guard doesn't really prevent the juice from splashing and it keeps falling off ...... love the cherries though yummeeee

                      1. I have the Williams Sonoma one too, but I still prefer to pit cherries over and into a deep mixing bowl because you can still get some spatter. Wear an apron if you like your clothes.