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Sullivan, Orange and Ulster Counties: New places?

Hey everyone,

I'm beginning a dining column for a Hudson Valley paper and so am researching newish (opened in the last couple years) restaurants in the Orange, Ulster and Sullivan counties.

I live in Beacon and am up on Newburgh, New Windsor, Cornwall-On-Hudson, New Paltz - but it's such a large area and I have yet to explore much of it. These counties also cover Kingston, Saugerties, Woodstock, Newburgh, Middletown and lots of smaller towns.

These are already on my list to start:
- Brothers Barbecue, New Windsor
- Cafe Mio, Gardiner
- Peekamoose Restaurant, Big Indian
- Gunk Haus, Highland
- Gaby’s Café, Ellenville

I would love any and all suggestions for new places in these three counties.


Peekamoose Restaurant & Tap Room
8373 State Route 28, Big Indian, NY 12410

Cafe Mio
2356 Route 44 55, Gardiner, NY 12525

Gaby's Cafe
150 Canal St, Ellenville, NY 12428

Brothers Barbecue
2402 State Route 32, New Windsor, NY 12553

Gunk Haus
387 South St, Highland, NY 12528

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  1. With the economy in its current state, I haven't noticed as many new places popping up.

    I'm sure you've been, but I love Hudson Street Cafe (Cornwall-on-Hudson) and how they incorporate the use of local produce in their dishes. I've heard Global Palate in West Park is worth a trip. It's not brand new, but on the newer side.

    Hudson Street Cafe
    237 Hudson St, Cornwall On Hudson, NY 12520

    Global Palate Restaurant
    1746 Route 9 W, West Park, NY 12493

    1. And what about that new restaurant at the Glenmere Mansion in Chester? I haven't been, but there was some buzz about it for awhile.

      1. Checking in from Sullivan County:
        Nice, vibrant dining scene in Kauneonga Lake right near Bethel Woods. Fat Lady Cafe, Benji and Jakes, Luzon Station and others. Around the corner in White Lake is the delicious Front Porch. A BBQ truck just started parking in a lot on Route 17B just before you reach White Lake. Best food in the County (IMHO) is served by Victor at the Buona Fortuna Pizza which is attached, but supposedly not connected, to the restaurant proper. I could probably start a thread on his place; don't let the funky layout fool you, this guy puts out fantastic, very tasty food. Try the swordfish sandwich with sweet potato fries.

        The Fat Lady Cafe
        13 Horseshoe Lake Rd, Kauneonga Lake, NY 12749

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          when we spend a few days in bethel one meal is appetizer hoppin at kauneonga lake and one is a full dinner at the fat lady

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            Food is ok at The Fat Lady Cafe if they do arrive..... After boating in the area, five of us went there for a late lunch. It took them 75 mins to service us a kid burger, 2 pasta dishes & 2 salads(picture that.... we were the only table at the time).

            On a recent Saturday night, our original plan was having delicious pizzas at Benji & Jakes. Unfortunately for us, they were closed for a wedding. So, we head to Luzon Station instead...... slow service in all areas (keep in mind...... it was primetime on a Saturday & the dinner room was only half full). We did ask our waitress why the food wasn't coming. She had no excuse and just smile. The only explantation we came up with is their menu is too big for the kitchen staffs to handle.... Anyhow, their Shrimp Fra Diavolo was pretty good!

            Did I mention Benji & Jakes is great place for pizza & entertainment!?

            The Fat Lady Cafe
            13 Horseshoe Lake Rd, Kauneonga Lake, NY 12749

            Benji & Jake's
            5 Horseshoe Lake Rd, Kauneonga Lake, NY 12749

          2. re: highestfi

            Where is Buona Fortuna Pizza?

            Nevermind, found it. 46 Forestburgh Rd, Monticello, NY, 12701

          3. I've been curious about White Wolf in Napanoch.

            1. Brothers Barbeque the 3-year-old restaurant on Route 32 in Cornwall, was destroyed by a early-morning fire. Story in Times Herald-Record. Hope the Brothers will rebuild this was a Great


              1. Fez in Saugerties, Yum Yum Noodle in Woodstock

                Yum Yum Noodle Bar
                4 Rock City Rd, Woodstock, NY 12498

                1. we eat there ( inn at stone ridge) all the time. the new owners took over a year and a half ago. so i would say it is new. it is amazing. and worth it.

                  Inn At Stone Ridge Hasbrouck House
                  3805 Route 209, Stone Ridge, NY 12484

                  1. Ate at Luzon Station tonight for the 1st time. I look forward to going back. I had excellent Shrimp Florentine. Ample shrimp, Well garliced. Nice spinach. 2 diners got some type of rolled egg plant w/cheese & tomato sauce -- very tasty. The 4th got a hamberger that was absolutely enormous & looked fantastic but it was ordered MR but was rare to raw on the inside. The 3 of us were almost done eating before the 4th had his hamberger returned to the table. Salads good but not especially remarkable. No crumbly blue cheese. Excellent tuna sashimi served in a martini glass w/spicey chipotle mayo & some other things which I can't remember but had mild heat & was delicious. 1 diner asked for a side meatball, volunteering to pay for it. Waiter checked with kitchen & was told no. Quite weird. Did not seem like an unreasonable guest request to me and we were all left sort of baffled by the restaurant's response (kind of a mini- 5 Easy Pieces scene.) Having said all this, it wasn't as bad as it loooks like I'm making it sound; my tuna and shrimp was excellent.

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                    1. re: Eaterouter

                      These are all great suggestions, thanks to all.

                      I, too, was a huge fan of Brothers BBQ in New Windsor, my fingers are crossed they'll open again.

                      Dancing Cat Saloon is also new, was a nice surprise. They make their own pastrami and feature some locally produced cheeses. Distillery is going to be sampling first batch of vodka this spring sometime.

                      Fat Lady, Buona Fortuna, White Wolf and Benji & Jake's are on my list to try.

                      Can always use more suggestions, keep 'em coming.

                      The Fat Lady Cafe
                      13 Horseshoe Lake Rd, Kauneonga Lake, NY 12749

                      Benji & Jake's
                      5 Horseshoe Lake Rd, Kauneonga Lake, NY 12749

                    2. Also since I've started the column, I can highly recommend Boitson's in Kingston

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                      1. re: hudsongrown

                        Don't forget the Front Porch. I don't think that it has been mentioned.

                      2. On the Delaware River in Narrowsburg there is the Main Street Cafe- one of the few restaurants in the area open all year round. Great burgers and brunch. Good place to go for the day with lots of shopping and the Delaware Valley Art Alliance hold frequent openings and events.

                        1. Yum Yum Noodle Bar in Woodstock is delicious and has live music at night on the weekends.
                          Fez Cafe in Saugerties has great Morrocan/Mediterranean food. (Excellent chicken salad!) I tried Cinnamon restaurant, a new Indian restaurant in Rhinebeck, which was very good too.

                          Yum Yum Noodle Bar
                          4 Rock City Rd, Woodstock, NY 12498