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Jul 14, 2010 05:30 PM

Who's got the best burger in Atlanta?

Who's got the best burger in Atlanta(metro area)?
Please don't say the Varsity. I'm looking for something worth driving out of the way for.

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  1. Either of the two Vortex locations always worked for me. Great burgers and good beer.

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    1. re: nofd504

      I love the Vortex!!! I try to hit it every time I'm in ATL.

    2. Miss Anne's Snack Bar on Memorial is a very good burger.
      Farm Burger in Decatur (grass fed, organic, free range beef)
      FLIP on Howell Mill (Richard Blaise's place)

      Those are the 3 that I would recommend based on personal experience, although there are several other very good burger joints in ATL.


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      1. re: samlev

        Grindhouse in the Auburn Market.
        Holeman and Finch
        Yeah Burger (fairly new/ have not been there)

      2. So I've only been in Atlanta for 4 months and I'm leaving soon but in that time I've managed to hit a lot of burger joints including: Vortex, Varsity, Flip, Anne's, Yeah, Holeman & Finch and a few more. All of that said there are two clear standouts, a few good burgers, and a few duds (achem Varsity). So without any further ado, here are my two favorite ATL burgers ranked in order.

        1. Ann's Snack Bar-Ghetto Burger is amazing, best burger of my life and keep in mind that I hold against it how large it is and how much stuff it has on it.

        2. Yeah Burger-Pretty close to perfect for what I'm looking for out of burger. I feel I have to mention though that you need to get the beef (not bison or turkey or any other meat).

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              its no a burger joint,but PF Flemings near perimeter mall has an incredible blue cheese burger for $6 during happy hour--beers are $2 so not much more than most burger places.They also have a filet mignon burger,but thats a bot pricy,like $15--happy hour is 5 to 7,mon-fri

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                Totally agree. Had the Bocado burger last weekend for the first time, and really liked it. As info, not long ago had a very unfortunate burger at Vortex on Peachtree. Asked for the burger to be cooked medium - it was burned on the outside and completely cooked through. As well as tasteless. Most disappointing.

                Peachtree Cafe
                99 Jeff Davis Rd, Thomaston, GA 30286