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Jul 14, 2010 05:28 PM

Best Spot for a Lone Female Business Traveler


Staying in Siver Spring Maryland (just outside Washington, I'm told) on business this weekend. I like authentic, non-pompous restaurants.

Any recommends for a great local eatery (maybe some soul food?) in a safe area that would be readily accessible to me?


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  1. Will you be sightseeing in the city?

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    1. re: rHairing

      Not a lot of time for sightseeing: just time for working, eating, and sleeping. Thanks for all the suggestions thus far, fellow Chowhounds!

    2. Rays the Classics in Silver Spring should do the trick.

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        Rays the Classics is a terrific suggestion. Steakhouse, but with none of the fussiness or the testosterone that might turn off a lone female traveler. Great food. Right in Silver Spring downtown.

        Mandalay has Burmese food and qualifies as a local eatery. Cool cuisine. Definitely friendly.

      2. Your best bet for soul food is Oohhs and Aahhs, a hole-in-the-wall on U St in DC, right across from the U St/Cardozo Metro Stop. A tiny coastal carolina kitchen with excellent grilled shrimp, lemon pepper wings, and broiled crabcake. Greens and rice with gravy for sides. A few stools in front of the kitchen or a room upstairs for eating.

        In SIlver Spring, try to get to Cubano's for their bandeja (sampling platter). Make sure to ask for both sauces, the mojo and the cilantro aioli. This is a rather elegant little place.

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        1. re: Steve

          steve, how is the oohhs and aahhs neighborhood for a single gal?

          1. re: alkapal

            I have been to Os&As a few times on my own and have never had a problem. It's an urban neighborhood to be sure, but not dangerous. It absolutely fits the bill to a T for "soul food, authentic and non-pompous." From Silver Spring, it would require taking the Red Line to Fort Totten and transferring to the Green or Yellow Line, getting off at U St. and taking the 10 St. exit (not 13th St.). O&A is very close to the 10th St. Exit. I would consider this very easy to do and not a problem, but the OP may feel otherwise.

            Oohs and Aahs
            1005 U Street NW
            (between N 10th St & N 11th St)
            Washington, DC 20001

            1. re: alkapal

              The neighborhood is as good as can be considering O&A is a true hole-in-the-wall (you should have seen it before they fixed it up!)

          2. I would go to Ray's Classics. I go there often by myself. They have an awesome deal in the bar area (they have small tables so you don't have to dine at the bar). You get a salad, entree (with creamed spinach and mashed potatoes) and a dessert (get the key lime pie). I love the hanger steak from Ray's but all the steaks are very good.