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Jul 14, 2010 05:25 PM

good-not great

Our family of 3 had dinner here on our recent trip to las vegas-we are big fish eaters-my hubby and me-so went here with a lot of expectations.
i had the black cod with broccolini rabe side-fish was moist and flavorful-but had a tinge of fishy taste-i have been spoilt by the black cod served in nobu-ny.
hubby had the trout with the whipped potato side-the potato dish was to die for-with just a hint oh horseradish-delish.
but the trout itself was maybe a bit dry?
my son's dish was the best-bacon wrapped walleye-he looooved it.but i would still go back to this restaurant.

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      1. re: ttoommyy

        i am sorry-the restaurant was american fish by michael mina

        1. re: cmanjula

          I was recently at a Michale Mina's Bourbon Steak at the Four Seasons in Washington DC and found it to be just OK. Is there a MM restaurant out there that is anything but? Or has his time passed?

            1. re: cmanjula

              Not to worry. Thank you for providing me an opportunity to guess something right for a change.

          1. i ate at american fish last week. the shrimp and grits were spectacular. cod was very good. dessert, eh. service was very good. music was load, tho. i would go back, but i would not run back.

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            1. re: raider

              I was also there last week and agree, the cod was very good, as was my husband's tuna. The asparagus side blew me away. Vegetables on the side were a let-down (undercooked) and had a minor service problem (she failed to inform us until we were ready to order that they were out of a good third of the fish on the menu) but I would go back as well.