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Jul 14, 2010 04:45 PM

Help for Dinner - Lincoln/Paulina/Belmont

We are meeting our son who lives on W. Nelson near these streets. We would like a good, casual, perhaps ethnic place in walking distance. Any cuisine but Italian, Spanish or French as we are going to Coco Pazzo, Cafe Iberico and La Sardine on the rest of our trip. Someone suggested a place called Kite. Has anyone been?

Cafe Iberico
737 N Lasalle Drive, Chicago, IL 60654

La Sardine
111 N Carpenter St, Chicago, IL 60607

Coco Pazzo Cafe
636 N St Clair, Chicago, IL 60611

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  1. I haven't heard of Kite.

    How about Los Moles, for creative provincial Mexican food?

    Los Moles
    3140 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60657

    1. Kite is a very decent neighborhood Chinese restaurant with very fresh food. No idea what the restaurant itself is like; I've never been there, but I've ordered from it.

      1. La Gondola has very unpretentious but FABULOUS italian food. Great thin crust pizzas too. Only seats 6 tables so I'd make a reservation if you'd like to go. Also tons of parking.