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Summertime - grilling season - my favorite time of the year.

I live in Marina Del Rey and I find that I don't have a trusted butcher. I do love the meats at Whole Foods and Bristol Farms but they lack that old world connectivity of a trusted butcher who goes out of their way to please you ...

I know true butchers/butcher shops are becoming an endangered species, BUT - any solid recommendations?

Thanks in advance ...

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  1. I only go to kosher butchers, but they are very good for that kind of meat. I like Doheny Kosher and Kosher club both on Pico.
    I know a lot of people like the butchers at Farmers Market on Third and Fairfax. There are two butchers there that people love.
    Also, there is a butcher on the north side of Olympic just east of San Vincente. I believe it is called Guss. They supply to a lot of restaurants and I have heard good things abouth them.

    The Doheny
    Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

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      You're referring to Harvey's Guss Meats. He is the best but note his special ordering requirements.


    2. You might try Bob's market on @ 20th and Ocean Park. I think they have several butchers there. I've had great meat from them--house made brats, steaks, fresh ground beef, etc. Its reasonably priced too.

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        Just to help out those who may come across this post in the future and then look for Bob's on 20th and Ocean Park; It's actually on the SW corner of 17th St. and Ocean Park Blvd.

        17th St Cafe
        1610 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403