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Jul 14, 2010 03:36 PM

Galleria Umberto take out?

My foodie friend has made a very special request (he has been to Boston a few times) of 6 slices of Umberto pizza as his thank you for house sitting.
Do they have boxes for take out? Any suggestions on how I can pack this (maybe with those pizza plastic things which prevent the top from falling in?)
If I order a whole pizza from there, will they make it?

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  1. They definitely box up slices. As for a whole sheet, I'm not sure. That's a lot of slices though!

    When you ask for suggestions for packing them - how far is it traveling? The boxes I have seen them provide are maybe ~12" X 12"?, and would probably hold 6 slices fine. I wouldn't worry about the top falling in.

    I'm not sure what your time frame is, but in past years they always close for the month of July. I haven't walked by this month yet, but assume it is the same this year.

    1. It's a moot point until August 2. They're closed all month for vacation.

      A whole pizza from Umberto is the size of a full-size sheet pan: 18 x 26 inches. That may be more pizza than you can easily transport home.

      Regardless, yes, they do pack slices to go.

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      1. re: Jenny Ondioline

        So.....I am a good friend, but packing that full sheet in my luggage for my flight is not an option. If I pack one of those boxes (12 by 12) in my carry on, they should let me go through, right since it is not liquid? (Although the poor soul sitting in our vicinity will be salivating).
        This is how nice we are - we extended our flight to late afternoon of Aug 2nd for that reason (OK and to have an extra half day in Beantown). I think I will say nothing and hope for the best.
        Worst comes to worst we will sit ourselves down and eat everyone of those 6 pces before we pass through security!

        1. re: itryalot

          Yeah, they should let you on the plane with pizza easily enough.

          1. re: Jenny Ondioline

            That's a lot of trouble to go through for Umbertos. The pizza is soggy before they even put it in the box.

            1. re: baldbert

              I've been known to do/carry crazier things home as foodie souvenirs.

          2. re: itryalot

            Make sure that you get to Umberto's in good time - they open around 11:30am and keep going until they sell out, which I've seen happen as early as 1:30. On a Monday it shouldn't be as crazy as it is on Saturdays, but on the other hand it will be their first day of operation after their vacation, so there may be a LOT of folks rushing the place to fulfill their cravings!

            And if you're just getting takeaway, definitely phone ahead and place your order - that should save you a long wait in line and possible disappointment if things run out.

            1. re: Allstonian

              Do they answer their phone before opening time?

              1. re: itryalot

                I believe they will, though I always eat there. They do open earlier than 11:30, though. Usually the food starts coming out around 10:45 or so, and they are serving by 11. Since you are getting it to go, definitely call ahead, and stand in the line to the left. The calzones are also excellent (especially the ham/ricotta/salami one) and the mashed potato log with cheese (panzarotti) is great as well.

                1. re: kimfair1

                  Sorry - my bad! I don't know why I have it so firmly and incorrectly fixed in my mind that they don't open till 11:30.

                  1. re: Allstonian

                    No probs. You should try to get there before 11 so you can see the two guys who dine there every day! One is a big guy, I actually thought he was Dinunzio the Cheese Man (but he's still going and the cheese man in is jail), and a smaller guy. I have gone on weekends and weekdays (always getting there between 10:45 and 11) and these two guys are ALWAYS there! I wonder where they eat in July?

              2. re: Allstonian

                I went to Christopher Columbus High School, and they used to have a bakery behind the gym,
                The bell would ring and people would attack that downstairs bakery.
                In 1982-1985 slices were $.35 per and once they were gone they were gone.
                You found out who your real friends were if they were willing to share a slice.
                I still have the same friends.
                Now my kids love the place.

          3. At least half of the patrons at Umberto get their orders to go, as I have once to bring to my brother who now lives north of the city, so to go orders will not be an issue. Do not go there without getting at least one arancini, however. I love the pizza, but it's the arancini that keeps me coming back. My wife calls them GOG, Golden Orbs of Goodness!

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            1. re: kimfair1

              Love that acronym! I hear they are good, but my mom makes amazing ones. Will try them anyway.

              1. re: itryalot

                You are blessed to have a mom who makes arancini! My mom is a wonderful baker, but a pretty awful cook (she hates all seasoning herself, so everything was pretty bland growing up). She used to blame my dad, but when I was about 10 I realized that the old man put crushed red hot pepper on everything!

                1. re: kimfair1

                  My mom can cook like nothing else but is an OK baker. Better than arancini are suppli.

                  What is in Umberto's aranicini, just cheese?

                  1. re: itryalot

                    Cheese, beef, a small amount of tomato sauce and a few peas. They are large, the size of an orange (which I've been told is what arancini means in Italian). When they open 8/2, the price MIGHT go up, but before July was $2.75 each.

            2. You can call and order. Go to the left side of the counter and pick it up. Do not even think of eating a take out order there.

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              1. re: lergnom

                I will eat my one slice in the car then! Thanks for the warning; don't want to go against local etiquette.

                1. re: itryalot

                  I guess you don't care that they are closed until Aug 2 as the first person to reply stated?

                  1. re: tysonmcneely

                    If you read the entire thread you will see that itryalot said here: that they were staying in Boston until late afternoon on 8/2 so that they can go.

              2. BTW, Ralph is the muscular guy and Paul has the dark hair. I love the inefficient way they operate; it's a peculiar dance. They won't move the register closer. They make lots of extra trips. They take the time to tie boxes by hand. They close during the height of tourist season and they have an actual storefront facing Hanover - next to the door - that they use for storage. Got to love that degree of localness. The kind of place where I don't bother to count my change or even look at it when they hand it to me. I don't even ask how much; I just give them some cash and they give me some back.

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                1. re: lergnom

                  Love the atmosphere described - old school. Character of a place is priceless.

                  1. re: lergnom

                    If my change is just coins, I just tell them not to worry about it - it moves the line faster that way. Wish you guys didn't start this post - August 2nd seem SOOOOOOO far away! : )