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Jul 14, 2010 03:19 PM

Dishoom - Bombay street cafe in London

Not sure if it was the replica clock from Victoria Terminus, the posters from Chor Bazaar, or just the succulent chicken seekh, but it took me straight back to Bombay , where I was working last year. Already I am a big fan of Dishoom, where I went to eat tonight. Everything I ate - the tandoori paneer, tikka, kulfi, was excellent, and made me miss Bombay more than I already do. I was back in Bademiya (arguably the best kebabs in Bombay), minus the rats...

Very happy also to see chilli cheese toast - my breakfast fix when idli wouldn't do.

Worth a trip - apologies if it was just opening night sparkle. Hope it lasts.

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  1. excellent. lets hope it lasts indeed.

    and i must beg to differ on bade miya. he used to be good in the mid '80's when he was just a grill on the side of the road and THE alternative to pao bhaji at 3.00 a.m. alas he went institutional (is he even alive anymore?) quickly thereafter.

    the best kebabs are still at the old standbys: delhi darbar, kabab korner, khyber etc. and then theres all the stuff like goulati kebab which of course is outside bade miyas purview.

    fyi - in bollywood parlance, a 'dishoom dishoom' scene is a fight scene, where 'dishoom' is the sound accompanying a fake punch.