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Jul 14, 2010 02:40 PM

Metro Hall Farmerk's Market - anyone been?

I didn't realize there was a farmer's market so close to my office. Never heard of this. Has anyone gone? Can you buy some decent produce (ex. ample selection)?

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  1. I have been a few times. It is comparitively a small market to say dufferin grove. There are about 3 produce vendors and usually only a couple that have a variety of goods. The prices seem slightly higher than other farmers markets but nothing crazy. There is a an Italian couple who sell pepperoni's and home made sausage rolls that are to die for. There is also a cheese vendor that sells local Ontario cheese that I remember finding too expensive. (I'm cheap when it comes to good cheese as I usually go to Kensington and get what is on sale). They also have some nice breads. If you live or work close, it's definately worth checking out.

    1. From my experience (work in the area) the prices seem way too high for what you are getting, in comparison with other markets. Selection is only ok. There is, however, a sandwich stand that people seem to line up for ages for - might be peameal bacon? Anyway if you're in the area might be worth walking through, but it's nothing spectacular.

      1. The Metro Hall Market is OK. It's essentially a smaller version of the market that's in Nathan Phillips Square on Wednesdays - many of the vendors are on hand at both.

        Those looking for another option for a downtown farmers market on Thursdays may be interested to know that a satellite of the Evergreen Brick Works market was launched last week in the Bay Adelaide Centre Courtyard (Temperance east of Bay). It runs 11 to 2.

        And there's apparently also a market running in the Brookfield Place Garden Court (22 Front Street West) from 9 to 4 on Thursdays.

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          Hmn. Thanks for the round-up! I hadn't realized that there were new ones!

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            Just to follow-up on this:

            My wife checked out both of the new markets today, and said that the one at Brookfield Place isn't worth a special trip. It's quite small, only 3 or 4 vendors, and the main produce vendor appeared to just be someone who picked up their goods at the Food Terminal - i.e. they had an assortment of local and imported produce, all of similar quality to what you'd find at a decent supermarket. They're not billing it as a "farmers market", so that's fair enough, and fine if you work around there and want to grab a few things quickly, but it's not a destination market.

            She said that the Brick Works satellite market was decent, though, and different enough from Metro Hall (more specialty stuff like fish, Chocosol, prepared foods, etc.) that it should complement rather than compete.