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"Come Dine With Me" Fever!!!!!

Anyone watching this show? It's on BBC America now but I hear they're doing an American version. I can't tell you how excited I am. In determined search for fellow foodie fans of the show!!!

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  1. I was wondering how long it would take to come to America-- if ever. I live in the UK, but I'm entirely addicted. Even better, they would strip these on Sunday (show an entire week's worth) which was perfect for the quiet afternoon/hangover recuperation.

    But I reckon they only show the hour-long ones on BBC-America. (But I want to grouse for a moment because this is a Channel 4 programme, and having it associated with BBC seems a usurpation of branding.)

    But yes, you have a fellow fanatic!

    1. Can you describe what the show's about and when it's on BBC-A?

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        Hey Linda- The show is an entertaining competition of sorts...Four contestants per episode, each one prepares dinner and usually some sort of entertainment for the other three contestants and at the end of the evening, the host is judged on food, ambience, hospitality. The contestant with the most points wins a cash prize. It's pretty fabulous seeing four very different types of people get together and dish- plus the food is usually something out of the ordinary. I believe it's on Thursday nights at ten. Check it out and let me know what you think!!

        1. re: coco99

          Interesting - sounds like the show where 4 women go to each other's weddings to rate the dress, the party, the food.

          Hmmm....I'll make a note to find it to see if I'd like it.

          1. re: LindaWhit

            Yeah - they're both British originally. It's "Four Weddings" you're thinking of.

            I hadn't heard they were doing an American version of CDWM. It'll probably be like the American Wifeswap - only the craziest and most anti-social people will be cast.

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          This has already been done in the US--trying to remember the name (and kicking myself I forgot to Tivo it); five something something--a bunch of strangers meet and each host a party and the one who wins gets $1000 or so.

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            It is a lot like Four Weddings actually, but not quite as much of a comittment, it's just dinner, you don't have to throw a wedding or anything...@kleine, I wonder what the US version was called because I've heard great things about the version they're doing here, I think BBC America is producing it and they're starting in NYC, what better place to have a hostess with the mostess show-down?!!

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              It was Dinner Takes All on TLC. http://tlc.discovery.com/fansites/din...

              According to IMDB it was on in 2006.

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                Cool, I never heard of it but I'll have to check it out on hulu. I wonder how different the BBC version is.....

                1. re: Sooeygun

                  I saw a re-run of the BBC show yesterday and thought it looked exactly like a show I remember seeing a few years ago. Thanks for putting a name to my memory. Glad to see it back again. I think it's a hoot.


                  1. re: Gio

                    How do you think the American version shot in New York City will compare? Personally I think it's going to be scandalous, but in a good way. Any fellow New Yorkers as excited as I am?!!

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              This show has been on Channel 4 in the UK for some time (presumably they have sold it to the BBC for overseas rights). The basic format is 4 (in earlier shows, 5) people each host a dinner party on consecutive nights. The other diners then score the experience. Winner at the end of the week wins £1000.

              The earlier shows were much better than more recent, IMO. This was because the focus was much more on the food. Recent series have gone down the route of other "reality" type shows - where folk have been put together so that there is guaranteed conflict. You can all but guarantee that, in each episode, there will be a "character" - someone who thinks they are a great cook but aren't or someone very posh, or, alternatively, someone who thinks Pizza Hut is great cuisine, or the stereotypically "camp" gay man.

              1. re: Harters

                I just watched the one on BBC-America last night. Looks to be fun to watch, but this one was definitely a recent version - we had the guy who said women can't cook, the posh Filipino woman who buys Prada handbags, the psychic, and a strong woman (perhaps lesbian) who runs a company of a few hundred people. And of course, there *was* conflict between rather Obnoxious Mark, the solo male in the group, and the woman (can't recall her name) who was the psychic (supposedly).

                I was glad to see Mark lose to the businesswoman who made moussaka, despite him saying that men are better cooks.

                The Filipino woman was just completely bonkers....the amount of curry paste she dumped into her curry was astonishing - it looked to be 2-3 cups worth! She didn't seem to have a clue how to cook!

                I suspect that the American version will be the drama type of show. Disappointing, as I rather like the initial premise of the show - WITHOUT the drama.

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                  I think this must be the episode you watched:

                  It's from Series 4. We're on Series 10 right now. For me the best bit is the increasingly "over the top" commentary.

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                    Swindon - YES! And whoever is doing the commentary is hysterical - LOVED when Annette was guessing what the other diners gave her for their score. She got the first one and he said "Maybe she *is* psychic!", but then missed on the other two scores, and he said "maybe not psychic" and "definitel not psychic!" after both of those guesses.

                    Love the dry sense of humor. :-)

                    Wow - Series 10 already - but very varied on the number of shows per season...started off with 4 in Season 1, but 24 in Season 4, and then they shorten again and only 2 shows for Season 8, but back up to 11 shows for Season 9.

                    I do like seeing the recipes there as well. I see they have a "Play and Catch Up" for Series 1-5, but of course, not available for us in the U.S.

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                    Hey Linda- I was worried the American version would be all drama and no substance but I understand BBC is producing the version here and shooting it in some great NYC apartments which I won't mind getting a peek at, in addition to what they end up cooking...Any fellow New Yorkers as excited as I am about Come Dine With Me heading to the States...? I can't be the only one. Can I?

                    1. re: LindaWhit

                      The Indian lady in the episode last night made her look tame.

                      1. re: lenwood

                        I completely forgot about it again! I'll have try and remember yet again.

                2. CDWM is brilliant and very addictive. It's probably more about the people than the food, these days.

                  1. I love this show. They air it here in Canada on Sunday afternoons (they show an entire week's worth in one big delightful tv block)

                    I see the W network calling for interested Canadians who want to participate in filming the canuck version. Can't wait.

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                    1. re: jennc

                      There is something curiously compelling about the show. I've watched it on W as well. I'm amazed at how odd some of the 'entertainment' is at some of the dinners. On the other hand, it would be really hard to make a dinner for 4 people you don't even know.

                      A friend of a friend has apparently been accepted to be on the Canadian version. He's not my favourite person and as my husband said, this guy will be the weird fat character on the show. Should be interesting to see.

                    2. I am really into this one too, but the one I watched today had all four contestants cooking within the show, whereas previous had a 1/2 hour show per contestant... I think. I liked the longer version.

                      Not sure I want to see a North American version though...

                      1. It's a little addictive.

                        I first caught this show a few years back while in London. I liked it then and am pleased that it is on BBCA. Makes a nice break in the 6-8 hours of Gordon Ramsay programing.

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                          OMG - They are really over the top with Gordon. What do you think, they've aired the same 15 -20 episodes maybe 15-20 times each ( hmm, La Gondola, The Walnut, Oscars, The Dovecote - I can go on, but why? You can probably name them too!
                          There is so much that is good on BBC, and we see so little of it. I have sent them a few emails, but I'm not holding my breath that they're going to jump up and try to wow us w/ actual BBC programing.

                          I absolutely love "Come Dine With Me". A lot of quirky opinionated people, and it it so interesting to see how different peoples opinions are of the best way to throw a dinner party. Don't know if you saw the one w/ the older town crier whose cat got on the kitchen table and ate off the canape plate before they were served. And it was served with everyone's knowledge that the cat had had first dibs. Hilarious! What a great sport everyone was about it; the laughter as cat hairs were picked off a dinner plate later, and the food eaten anyway.

                          Can't wait for this to come stateside, and I really hope that they keep up the eclectic mix of people: fancy-pants snobs, working man types, ethnic food afficionado's, and all the different personality types : ) I think New York is the perfect setting for this show and I wish that I could participate!
                          I just hope they don't do the usual American thing and stifle all the fun out of it in some indefinable way...

                        2. Anyone seen the Australian version? It's being shown on Channel 4 in the UK. The standard of cooking (so far) isn't as high as the British version, although there have been some amazingly catastrophic cooks over the years in the UK version. I fondly remember Bernard and his pineapple dessert (if I remember correctly, it was "poached" pears that he made by covering only the bottom centimeter in liquid and then added it to a pineapple, of which he scooped out the middle). And there was the woman who got so wasted night after night that one of the diners had to actually cook and serve two of her courses while she slept. Good times.

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                          1. re: guster4lovers

                            My sister and I enjoy the UK version here in the States. We just recently discovered it.
                            Looking forward to the U.S. version!

                            1. re: aurora50

                              Add me to the list of recent converts!

                              Love the idea!

                              I like to thnik of myself as the perfect dinner party host so the whole thing facinates me!!

                          2. They must work hard to find the most obnoxious guests. Picky eaters, narcissists....it seems to be as much about the dysfunctional personalities than the food! Kind of a train wreck, why I am still watching?!

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                              Because we secretly love to watch other people crash and burn and we're glad it's not us. : )

                              1. re: kleine mocha


                                I have only seen a few episodes, but I wasn't left with that impression at all..In fact one of them was quite heartwarming and the guests were so supportive of each other that it touched me!

                                I'm a big mush! lol

                                1. i found the show while house sitting for a friend. Unfortunately it seems to be impossible to find on line in the U.S. I've found a few episodes on you tube... wish I could find more. I love this show.

                                  1. the american version was on years ago called "dinner party".
                                    I loved it, and same premise as this bbc version "come dine with me".
                                    I love 'em both

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                                    1. re: iL Divo

                                      This is a riot
                                      Now showing in Bay Area

                                    2. Dud you see the one with the guy that does cross dressing as a job and the man wearing tbe kilt? Loved it

                                      1. yea! Love this show. The funny people, the everyday dishes (that poor woman and her 5 pavlovas disasters)!. Looking fwd to the US version.....I have a lower tolerance for weirdos with an American accent though. The UK makes it them seem endearing, and not daft.

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                                          The trouble is that if Fox takes the show each episode will 'The most shocking (You can also substitute 'explosive' here as well.) episode of Come Dine With Me. Either that or it'll be the phrase 'For the first time in Come Dine With Me History...'

                                            1. re: SmartCookie

                                              ROFL! Yeah, snake poo isn't at all appetizing. Blech.

                                              And did you see the canine teeth on the one guy in the car? (the one that would have been seated next to the Snake Lady at the table had the snake not done its business on the table). He's a vampire in training. Hope she served beef very rare. :-)

                                              1. re: LindaWhit

                                                Personally this is what I do not like about American programing: that we can only have the Perfect Pretty People on tv. I am not perfect and pretty and I enjoy seeing REAL peple with real faces and the *personalities* to go along with them. Not just the people available from the pretty people pool - who are not noted so much for their personality and originality. That's not really what works for them in this life.. : P

                                                This is a big reason that I gravitate towards Brit tv, thought they are leaning away form this more and more - so sad.

                                                (This really bugs me about the show "Survivor". You better look slammin' in a swimsuit, or you are not getting on - except for your token very few fat/old/weird contestants. Ah, the beautiful people win again...)

                                                1. re: weewah

                                                  Personally this is what I do not like about American programing: that we can only have the Perfect Pretty People on tv.
                                                  Have you seen some of the contestants on Hell's Kitchen? Believe me, not perfect pretty people by a long shot. And there's some sitcom coming on where two overweight people meet at Overeater's Anonymous and fall in love.

                                                  Yes, the majority of regular series folk are good looking on their shows. However, keep in mind that some of these actors aren't all that great looking without their perfectly coiffed hair and professionally applied makeup. Those "before" pics of some stars bring them right down to my level when I wake up hung over on a Sunday morning. :-)

                                          1. re: stellamystar

                                            I loved the episode with the pavlova disasters, also the one where the hostess went and took a nap at her own party leaving the guests to do the cooking of the main course. How do you ever live that down?

                                            1. re: Firegoat

                                              Are you talking about the lady with the pink hair who cut her finger?

                                              1. re: im_nomad

                                                no this was a diffeent episode (I found it on youtube) and she was the blonde with the hot tub. (Her main dish was going to be fajitas I think with some Taco Bell or Ol' El Paso mix. )

                                              2. re: Firegoat

                                                lol. This reminds me of the first time I had my in-law's over for a dinner party.
                                                Had a bit too much wine.
                                                Litterally put my fork down after I finished eating, went upstairs to the loo, and never came back down!
                                                Had a nap - more like a good sleep! and they had to prepare dessert themselves - and clean up they did!

                                            2. Apparently I'm not dvr-ing the whole series :(

                                              1. One of the best shows on TV - LOVE IT!!

                                                1. BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION. Love the snarky British commentator - I don't want an American version. We'll just ruin it - just watch the BBC version of "Kitchen Nightmares" to see how much better the British versions tend to run!

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                                                  1. re: brooklynkoshereater

                                                    I love the show but it just wouldn't be the same without that commentator. His remarks and the tone they are given in are just too funny.

                                                  2. It auto tapes at my house when I'm not here.
                                                    I watched it at midnight when I got home last night.
                                                    Husband got home 4 hours later, came upstairs to a tv on and wife conked out.
                                                    It was the one with two ladys and two men one man newly divorced and the one lady owned a
                                                    sweet shop, maybe she was a pastry chef. Anyway I liked it, they all ended up thinking
                                                    the pastry lady was rude. They'll all meet up later as they enjoyed each other sans the pastry lady who said the entire experience was awful.....pretty funny

                                                    1. New one ( to me anyway ) today.
                                                      This is a fun turn your mind off show....

                                                      1. I watched the Canadian version last night and actually liked it. Some of the cooking was pretty bad, and the players seemed very intent on being VERY competitive and bitchy, there were votes of 2 and such, that i'd not seen in the original. Commentator is no where near as good as the UK version.