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Jul 14, 2010 02:05 PM

Baltimore Md hound seeks specific recs in 6eme arrondissement . . .

Greetings, Paris-based (or Paris-knowledgeable) hounds. We (3 adults/ 5 kids 12-19, all adventurous) are arriving this Friday for a week in the City of Light, staying at the Hotel Relais Saint Sulpice, in the St Germain quarter, near the Luxembourg Gardens. We are interested in a couple of things: 1. A nearby boulangerie or similar shop where we can pick up a baguette ou croissant in the morning, and some coffee/tea for breakfast. Takeaway is fine/preferable, we don't want to spend a lot of time/money on breakfast. 2. Any suggestions for nearby inexpensive to moderate dining (like, 20-40 euros a head). 3. A couple of suggestions for nearby slightly fancier places for dinner if the adults go out by themselves, 4. Suggestions for best N. African dining/couscous, which I assume is not nearby, but that would be a bonus.

Looking forward to suggestions -- and happy to return the favor if you venture this way to Baltimore, aka Charm City.

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  1. I stayed at that hotel this past October, and loved it. You will be only a few blocks away from Gerard Mulot at 76 rue de Seine for great croissants, baguettes and pastries.

    1. Well, as someone who occasionally reports live from the Cafe Hon or Granna, I'd recommend my all time fave - Ze Kitchen Galerie (no surprise there) or KGB, plus l'Epigramme, Fish la Boissonnerie, Les Terrines de Gérard Vié and for something completely different - L'Avant Comptoir.

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        l'avant comptoir could be small with 3 adults and 5 teens! (and there is not seating)

      2. While no Obryckis in town tou are quite close to Poilane on the first block of Rue Cherche-Midi, and its cafe next door. On the same block is a great Italian lunch place called, l think, Cafe Cherche-Midi, someone correct me if l am wrong. Same side as Poilane but about 150 yards further down the street. Pierre Herme is also a block away from your hotel.

        1. 1. Gérard Mulot
          2. Fish, (or even Cosi across the street)
          3. Not really, no.
          4. L'Atlas, bd Saint Germain.

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            Poîlane for croissants and chaussons aux pommes. As for take-out coffee or tea, I recommend going to a café (there is a nice one very near your hotel, Café de la Mairie) and taking a coffee at the bar.

            Le Cherche Midi (Italian) is at 22 rue du Cherche-Midi, but it will add up with seven and the food, while enjoyable, isn't that great.

            I recommend Pizza Chic (13 rue de Mezières) for a family meal. Also picnicking in the Luxembourg Gardens (shop at La Grande Epicerie, or pick up sandwiches from Le Petit Luxe). Tip: There are picnicking lawns on the south side of the park, near rue Auguste Comte. Don't sit on the lawn elsewhere. The park is closing around 9.15 these days, so you could even picnic for dinner.

            Grom or Christian Constant for ice cream.

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              Hounds -- thanks for all the suggestions -- keep them coming, esp re couscous.